Mishmosh Friday (should be monday...but whatever:)

Alrighty.  Since I am totally flighty today.
I have nothing really to say.
I am preparing for a deep depression come Sunday evening.
Why? Because the Olympics will be over and I love them.
Have I mentioned that?
I think I did...one or three times.
I especially loved them this year because I truly love Canada.
So now I am homesick a little.
Which is funny, since my parents live 2 blocks from us here in Phoenix.

So today I will post a Seinfeld sorta post.
Basically a post about nothing really...just things I love.

First...I love this picture that Tracy sent me of her daughter in a lil sumpin'. 
How great is it that little Esther insisted on pink hair to match her pink bling.
Tracy is also a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper...so if you cannot figure out how 
to order something from Hammond Bay...I bet Tracy could help you.
just email her at tracym@matildajaneclothing.com

Next. I know I am not alone in my excitement for the upcoming
collaboration between Target and Liberty of London.
It is the largest collaboration Target has done to date.
In stores I believe March 14th.
So SO exciting.
If those two outfits don't excite you enough (they do me however)
check out a little peek at some other goods to come
cute huh.


Courtney Price said...

I am especially excited to see what "Alice" inspired stuff you have up your sleeve... any way some of that could make it to my porch by, oh, let's say Tuesday the 9th? :)

Anonymous said...

I love Esther! And what a great name. I wish I could get away with pink or purple hair.

Courtney, we might all be fighting over the 'Alice' tee's. : ) I can't wait either.


Paperwhite Designs said...

Shut the front door!!!!! I love the Target/LOL stuff!!!! I am so there!!!!