Valentine's ideas...round three

Cannot guarantee how long this list will be as my computer is still being a pain in my bootay.
I just tried to post a couple things and the whole shibang seized up on me.
Tee hee.  I must laugh...or I will scream.
So.  Here goes.

First...this ring mug.  Because it makes me laugh.
Remember how I mentioned in list 2 that my wedding band was a bezel set.
Well this is EXACTLY what it looks like.
You know who else has this ring?  
But I have had it waaaaay longer.
So basically Jlo copied me.  Ha.
Next.  These pantone mugs.  Because any graphic designer chick would go BATTY over these.
I love them all.
I want them all. 
There are also dishes.
 I want the dishes as well.
Uh...sorry...but I have to stop there because anytime I try to post another link...my 'puter seizes up.
So...come back tomorrow and I promise to try try again:)