I had to share

Ok.  One more thing before I go and drift off to sleep while watching the Olympics.  
Which is probably why I have a headache...I have not slept in a week 
watching all our coverage so late at night.
Anyways.  My girls are a tad addicted to the Just Dance wii game.
It is pretty hilarious.
And clearly it is good exercise because I had a "dance off" of 3 songs the other day and
felt like I had run 3 miles.
Rediculous I tell ya.
So here is one chick.
and the other

and her feet...being cleaned by the dog that adores her...while she dances
see his tongue sticking out
so if you have a wii...and your kids like to dance
get the Just Dance game
So much fun

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Hahaha! Leila loves "Just Dance" too! "who let the dogs out" (she calls it the puppy song, and "hot and cold" are her favorites! It's hilarious to see a 3-year-old rocking out to those songs!

And your dog is too cute! Ramon does the same thing to Leila!