Spring is in the air...

I have a TON of new Spring designs coming. 
I need new stuff to look at.  So I will be changing things up a bit.
No worries...the leggings will always be available.
So will my staples.
But I cannot make any guarantees on other items.
I do think/hope/wish you will like the new stuff.
I hope to roll it out in the next week or so. First I have to make it:)
Then take some pictures...but it will be fun and colorful...and springy.
I know.  Hard to  believe!

Now...what do you think of Miss Sofie!
I love these pictures so much.
Can you believe she has two equally as beautiful older sisters?
Well it isn't hard to believe when her mom is Miss Mika Beth!
Of course they are all beautiful.
Sigh...I hope her girls appreciate how many fabulous photos
they will have to look back on.  Everything Mika Beth shoots is canvas worthy.
I wonder if her walls are covered in canvas'...they had better be.
I am waiting for my tutorial from her on how to do hair.
Not only does she take the best pictures but she can do hair too!
Really really good hair.

Do you know how many times I have tried to do this hair?
I have even watched videos on youtube explaining how to do this hair.
I cannot do hair...and there is ALOT of hair in my house.
Never the less...good hair...great photos...BEAUTIFUL Sophie...Thank you Mika Beth
ps...Mika Beth...I think YOU should do a hair video for me...so I can post it:)
p.p.s  I am not kidding
Ah I thought for posting purposes I would show you what happened when I 
tried  (for the 1000th time) to do my hair.
If you knew me...you would realize that 95% of the time I am under a cap and my hair is in braids.
Sad I know...you don't have to tell me.
So here was a documented attempt at doing my hair.
Uh...ok...it may actually appear better in the photo than it did in person.

I just realized what a big forehead I have.
I think it is time to chop some bangs.
They really hide a multitude of sins.
Bangs do not really work on me without effort as I have very thin hair.
But.  They do take a good 10 years off when you have them.
I think.
Ok...one more picture...from the last time I chopped my bangs.
You decide. Yay or nay on the bangs?
(how the heck did this post just turn into a hair post?)

Ok.  Now I am cracking myself up because I just breezed through our "photo booth" and it is insane the amount of different hairdo's I have had (in a very short amount of time).
So since I rarely EVER post photos of myself.  Here ya go.
This literally is a span of my hair in the past 2 years.
First I had this...which was a total disaster...not only did it look horrid...but it was like a broom.
So I had to do this.
Chop and color...again. 
But really...what color is this? I think at that point I was just happy to have hair in my head still.

Look...I was trying the wave then as well.
The funniest thing about these pictures (other than my goofy face I seem to make) 
is that they are the only pictures, out of the 16,000+ pics on my computer...of me. Ha.

Wait...this doesn't even make sense to me.  Apparently I went back to that blonde again.
Ahhhh.  Whatever. You get the point.  My hair is a disaster now and my salon chick is very wealthy.
Plus I have alot of points at Ulta:)


Anonymous said...

Your blog totally cracks me up! I like all your styles, and I like how you styled it in the first pictures. I love all your looks :D I actually liked the one of you with the turquoise shirt and your hair was short and "choppy" but I have to say no on bangs...I have a big forehead too, LOL, but bangs are a PITA!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes pics of my different hair styles on photo booth! I just found a new stylist and I printed a page with the various hair styles/colors I've had over the past few years thinking it would be helpful. Not sure if I scared her or what. But, I did take a computer pic as soon as I got home. :-)

Lena said...

I like you with wispy bangs. Are they hard to do though? Mine get clipped over to one side more often than not until they're long pieces, not bangs.

I'm mostly excited for your new styles :)


Tiffany L. said...

Cute! I love your turquoise shirt picture the best, too! (And your head looks normal - maybe just bigger in the first pics because the hair framing it was higher??)

Rachel said...

Cristy, you're gorgeous no matter what and your blog cracks me up! Love the shot of you in the turquoise shirt also, but LOVE LOVE your hair color and length now. No bangs. So much more versatility without.
Can't wait to see your new creations :)

Anonymous said...

Cristy, you are gorgeous no matter what! Really like you in the turqoise shirt also, but LOVE LOVE your hair color and length right now. No bangs. More versatility without. And I'm all about versatility! Can't wait to see spring creations! :) Rachel

Paperwhite Designs said...

Girl...at least you have a hair color. I am sporting 4 inch dark roots. I hate to take the time to get this mop colored. Love the long hair and no bangs:)

Anonymous said...

Im very jealous of your perfect eyebrows! (why has no-one mentioned this?) Anyway..I think you look great with or without bangs.


Shannon said...

You are so adorable! I love that you have documented all of your different hair styles. More importantly, I love that you can pull off almost any look! So lucky!

Heather Witt said...

Is the shirt your daughter wearing a new spring design that will be available?

Heather Witt said...

I think I got myself confused. Did you say you were going to be selling the purple shirt with the name on the front with the cupcake and number on the back? or is that an older shirt? My daughter's birthday is coming up and I want that shirt :) If it isn't going to be offered, I was going to go ahead and order the one with the name and number on front. Thanks!!