Matilda Jane...Hammond Bay

I realize with the amount of "finds" or "favorites" I post on my blog you probably think I spend all day 
surfing the web...and/or shopping.
Truthfully I spend maybe half an hour a day. My surfing time is very limited.
Gone are the days of reading Perez:(  There was a time when I was very up to the moment with my gossip. Heck, I was one of the original readers of Lainey's weekly gossip email.  Now...all I know is what my US magazine tells me in the hour I spend rifling through it while waiting for my kids at tennis.  
My days are currently being spent whipping out bling as fast as I can.
Clearly this is a much more productive way for me to spend my time anyways.
So my surfing/shopping list is also very limited.
But one of my daily reads is always Denise.
And her new line just came out today.
I am not having an online trunk show this time.
I have no idea why I didn't because I actually really need a couple pieces.
Like this outfit.

And check out this picture from Lyra . Love it.
You can see her Matilda Jane slideshow here.

I love the tie:)

She and I need to do another "shoot" (she shoots...I watch in awe) soon.
Currently she is not happy with me because I am wishy-washy on doing a big
shin dig for my daughters birthday party.
I had big plans...and she wanted to shoot an over the top party.
It would have been over the top.
I have no time to plan it though.
Ahhhhgggg. Pressure.

On a different note...stay tuned because I am going to have a contest coming up.
A fun one...as soon as I figure out how to post it;)
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hi love bug! This Hammond Bay brilliance is killing me...I am just saying...arghhhhh :)
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

Ohhh exciting! Cant wait! Oh and I neeeeed that outfit too. I mean my girls need that outfit :D