bad blogger baaaaaad

Where have I been?  Not sure.  Right here in fact.  Just not much to say or post this week I guess.
Did I plan on having all my spring stuff ready to post.
Why yes...yes I did.
Do I have it yet?
Nope.  Sure don't.
BUT.  I promise to make it good when it is ready to go...which I hope will be 
by the end of the weekend if not sooner.
Here is a hint of something to come...something I said would not be coming...but
I decided to do it anyways... and the hint is


See...now you can't be mad at me for not blogging:)

So since I have nothing good personally to show you...I will show someone elses pretties.
Things that I would like to decorate with...but have no money to do so:)
Like this chandelier which I find kinda cool.

Or this credenza...I love the colors
I am not a "modern" person at all...however I appreciate it and if
the Extreme Home Makeover people were to come and demolish my home
leaving me with a rectangular shaped funkified one...
I would gladly spend the rest of my days walking into cool pointy coffee tables.

Staying in the Valentines spirit...I am rather loving these hand printed tea towels .

And since I am starving at the moment.  
In my quest to rid my body of all evils...aka carbs...I am HUNGRY.
I have been doing so well.
I have managed to kick my starbucks habit.
I can even walk into a starbucks...buy the rest of the family something yummy 
and walk back out withOUT my 500 calorie green tea w/ rasp frappy.
BUT.  Tonight. I am hungry.
Apparently I have more control than I think however, since there are 3 fresh
boxes of samoas on the counter from our favorite girl guide and I have not touched them.
If they were a cupcake laced in purdy sprinkles...now that would be a different story.
So I leave you with this photo. Unfortunately I have no idea where I got it from which
means that I also have no idea how they managed this rainbow icing. 
All I know is that they are pretty.


Anonymous said...

oh i love modern furniture. And those towels are darling.
ps. I love the Pink song.


Emom said...


Tiffany L. said...

Alice. Sigh. I am in total blog stalker mode now.

Anonymous said...

do you have the name of the credenza seller/?

i love it?

Gemma said...

very lovely blog! and the cupcakes! amaaaziiiiing.
the credenza is reallly cute.

Wynna said...

I know how they did the icing on the cupcakes. You get a big pastry bag, cut off the end and add a large star-shaped icing tip. Then fill several other icing bags with the colors you want to use. Take each single color bag and ice a big stripe of the color on the inside of your main bag until you have lots of different colored stripes of icing inside it. Then push out the remaining air and twist the top of the icing bag shut and ice your cupcake.