Happy New Years!

So we are spending this New Years like the past 10 or so New Years...we go to my mom and dads...bbq steak and lobster and everyone goes to sleep by 10. Ha. Although this year I have decided to tack on an extreme case of hives. I am just going to blame the CPSIA for this thank you very much. Since I have no clue what is causing them exactly I might as well blame my main source of stress. Never the less I tried Allegra and Flonase last night only to find that I was allergic to one of them and I managed to stop the damage at just my lips puffing up to fat albert proportions...and well now I get to spend my first week of the New Year doped up on prednisone. Anywhoo...I wish you all a very Happy New Year. I will be sleeping for most of mine. And since I don't have anything really to post here...I will leave you with pics of my chicks opening a gift from their "aunt" Kristine who thinks the girls are worthy of the Juicy Couture Barbies and Tarina Tarantino bracelets...(that I fully intend on stealing from my children to go with my own Tarina collection!)

Happy New Year!


Since Santa did not leave a needle full of botox...

I am 33 and have not tried botox yet. Although I swear if I had it in my house I would be using it day and night. Anyways...in place of botox I have pretty much tried everything else. I am a daily (and nightly) user of Prevage...I do love it. Noone can tell me for one second that it does not work. When I run out I am like...ooooo...do I really want to spend $150 on a new bottle and within 4 days my face is screaming "GET THEE TO ULTA!"...so you see my problem. The great thing is that my mom saw it at Costco for $90...yay.

Anywhoo...Santa kindly left me a couple new fixers that I will now try religiously for the next couple weeks and see if they work. One is a $95 bottle of eyelash grower...yup you read that correctly. Beauty Society Enormous lash. Apparently it has something in it that glaucoma patience were using and a side effect was long healthy lashes...SIGN ME UP! The next is Strivectin sd which is actually for stretch marks (which I also have...thank you very much!) and apparently if you use this stinky stuff on your face it helps with wrinkles and everything else that I don't really have right now but I can see them trying to break on through.

So...if you have tried either of these remedies and have found they either work or don't...let me know if I am wasting my time.

Oh...and one more thing that was instantly great!...This...try it...lovely...at least it works within a half a minute.

Now if you are a loon like myself and are willing to try any remedy they sell ya...and you have found it worked...please let me know!


And like that he was gone...

After 3 weeks or so of playing hide and seek with Oliver our Elf on the Shelf...it is time for him to fly away. We will give it a go next December but by then my oldest will be 9 and I am sure at some point the whole thing will blow up in my face. But we made it through another year and perhaps she is just that great of a little actress but she did not let on for one second that she didn't believe. So hey. I went with it. It was fun. My youngest would find Oliver literally within 30 seconds every single morning...and I am not kidding when I say sometimes the hiding spots were so good that even I forgot where they were. Anyways...Oliver is now tucked away in my sock drawer but he is leaving a little letter tonight to the girls and voila...THE juicy necklaces. Ha. I didn't know what else to do with them so they are being tucked inside mini little lunchboxes that the Great Abbey Hill sent us...speaking of...this week I am going to do a post on Abbey because you NEED to see the Barbie business card holder she sent me...oh...my...gawd I love it. Anyway...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Oh and ps...I got the CPSIA update today and I am thinking there may actually be hope on the horizon...of course I am not that bright and don't understand all the legal mumbojumbo but within the next week or so this thing may be not as horrible as we all think it is. I hope.

Don't delete the paperlili bookmark just yet!


Because I am not sure what is going to happen...

Hello again.

Ok...so I am trying to figure out all this CPSIA stuff and I am not certain how it is all going to work out. I may have to just stick with my mom items and teens...but I am trying to figure out how I can also do leggings, headbands and a couple tees. SO...basically I need to get rid of all my other stock...which is alot. So think ahead. Think to next Halloween...think to birthdays or presents...whatever...just think because once these styles are gone...they will be gone for good. This is totally depressing to me. I like variety. I like doing new designs...and I LOVE my glitter screen printed tees. Those will for sure be no more. I have marked most of those tees down to $10. Please check them out as everything needs to go before Feb 10th. Wheeeeee.



Check it out..all my glitter screen prints are on sale! It is not too late to get THE Santa Reindeer Presents OhMY Tee. I love that tee. Lots of tees for boys and girls.


Martha Stewart step aside...

Ok so I totally cheated. Ha. I had a bucket of sugar cookie dough in the fridge (thank you school fundraisers) and I had already eaten my way through the tub of chocolate chunk (you would think anything with the word CHUNK in it would be enough to stop me...but nooo) anyways...I was afraid the tub of sugar cookie dough would go the same way. So. Even though I have not a single moment to spare these days I thought...better bake 'em and give 'em away before I eat my way through them. So I whipped out my Wilton Cookie pro and whammo...done. Sprinkle a little Martha Stewart colored pink and green and Martha blue sugar on them and voila. They actually turned out like they were supposed to. Ha. So if you really want to fake it and impress your friends...get yourself one of these. They would also make a great teacher gift or hostess gift...why??? Because the damn thing actually works really really well. Even my kids can do it and the cookies turn out exactly how they should. Who knew?

On a TOTALLY unrelated note...I just wrote a note to our Senator McCain about the whole CPSIA...I will let you know if/when I hear back from him. Ha. I am sure it will be full of lots of helpful information. I sent off my package of items to be tested yesterday...but I know alot of people are not planning on testing and just packing it in. That makes me sad. Is there anything more enjoyable then cruising ETSY late at night when you can't sleep? I mean really. So sad. The world as we know will not be the same after Feb 10th. Crap.

If you are looking for a lab to send your stuff to...check out the CPSIA site and they have a list of labs.


ok...since I am not prepared to close up shop just yet...

So yesterday was a really really sucky day. BUT...after freaking out over the new CPSIA laws I have spent the morning talking with one of the government approved labs and well...my samples for testing will be in the mail on their way to the lab today. Voila. Not much else I can do. This truly is the worst thing. I fear for all the adorable one of a kind dresses and hats and FUN that is available on ebay and etsy and...well you know my love of etsy. Plus it just makes me sooo sad that originally designed items from wonderful seamstresses all over the place will be replaced by big box store items because the big box stores are the ones that can afford to foot the bill to do the testing. Of course we will all pay in the end when they up their prices. AHHHHGGGG. Anyways...because I don't make items that have a zillion buttons or zippers or trims on them (although I had plans too...) I don't think it will be too hard to have my items tested. So. Today is looking up. And when I was feeling really really down about all this...voila...in my in box the most wonderful email appeared from a customer in San Francisco. How beautiful is little Rose. She has just the sweetest little face! My goodness she is a doll. So thank you Rose for brightening my day. And thank you Phil the lab dude for helping me see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel...the unnecessarily expensive tunnel :)


Place your orders before Feb 10th...omg...

Ok...well I am at a loss for words at the moment. I was just clued into the new CPSIA guidelines that will come into effect starting Feb 10th 2009 and well...I have no idea what I am going to do. But at the moment running to the bathroom and shoving my head in the toilet sounds like a start. Needless to say the jist of it all is that Congress has passed a new law that makes every single person/manufacturer big or small...responsible for testing for lead and phthalates in items for children aged 12 and younger. This is every single item. Anything that you may purchase on etsy..http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif.or ebay...or Target...or sniff sniff...paperlili. Everything. To test these items you must test each size, color...thread...button...every single part of it and each test runs from $150 to $3000 (the toys are $3000)...so every crafter that was trying to make some money while doing what they truly loved to do...they no longer will be able to afford to do that. Done. Me...done. I just cannot imagine how Congress could pass this law right now...when people are losing jobs left and right and people such as myself who have invested soooo much time and money into starting their own business...oh...I can't speak anymore. I can't even think right now.

Ok...so...the online world is buzzing with all of this. Here are a couple things you can do very very quickly to attempt to help. But starting Feb 10th...children's shopping will take a drastic turn I think.

So please...contact your congress man or woman with this link...

or read more about it here...


Because I LOVE cupcakes...

I was so excited to see that the Etsy hit Bangerang Bakeshop the original cupcake n a jar (why did I not think of that???) now has their own site. If you need to send someone you love a gift for any occasion...I HIGHLY suggest send them a cupcake from this chick. They are A. adorable...and B. soooo good. And trust me...I know cupcakes...sad but true. And if you are going to send one...please send me one too because I am hungry...vanilla please...thank you

It is sad when your kids are no longer babies but...

It is also quite cute when they get old enough to be able to do a craft without your help...


How great are these?

I have been a fan of these for a long long time...The Macbeth Collection...I love them all. I could find a bucket,basket or pail for everything in my house. I have never purchased one because truthfully everytime I think of it...I look and then get totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities! Geesh...talk about options. I want them all!


This looks like fun...we need some

UPDATE: Click here to buy insta snow

UPDATE #2: When in doubt...go to ebay...I just bought the blizzard set. See what we have to do for our kids when we live in the Desert!


This makes me cry I laugh so hard...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

THE boys toy of the year...

So I have 2 nephews. They are 3 and 5 and I love them dearly. They will be coming here to Arizona from Calgary for Christmas and tonight I was preparing their Christmas gifts. We what I was doing was taking them out of the boxes so I could wrap them and make it easy. I do that. I like to discard of all the plastic...make sure the toy works...put batteries in it etc...so come xmas morning...all they have to do is rip it open and whamo...ready to go. These are only parts of their gifts from us but holy man are these things cute. My 8 and 5 year old GIRLS were trying them out tonight and instantly turned into crazy wild children. Screaming and running and squealing with...noise. Ha. It was pretty funny. So if you have any little boys...I would say 18mos and higher...get them one of these. It is a toss up which one is cuter...but they work really well. They even have microphones on them so they can make it even LOUDER...just hilarious. We got them the nascar driver and the Police man. I believe they are called Helmet heros...and trust me when I say you will be the hero if you are the gift giver on this one.

A Christmas hint for my husband...

Ok...I am done apologizing for my lack of sophistication...I like color...I like comfy...I am a "wanna be beach bum". I live in the desert yet I dream of having a huge house on a beach (I know...who doesn't?) I don't even care which beach. But I am thinking if I could choose...it would be Singleton Beach on Hilton Head Island. ANYWAYS...man do I get off track easily. This post is a hint for my husband...or whomever wants to buy me a super over priced cotton comfy outfit. HA. Gypsy 05 is a great line! I love everything they have. Their dresses are awesome. And now I need to add a "comfy" to my collection. Oh and a scarf...because I do love this scarf! Although it is on backorder and I did see some pretty cute ones at the gap yesterday. Anyways...here ya go hubby. Oh and by the way...if you want anything from Gypsy05...they are having a 25% off sale until midnight tonight...coupon code loyalty25 every little bit helps right!


Shannon Stewart never misses...

I WISH I had the talent she has in one of her pinkie fingers. The woman never misses a beat! I bet her outtakes are still frame worthy. I was on my way to bed tonight when she sent these over. So beautiful. Thank you Shannon. There is a third picture in this little trio of beauties but for some reason I cannot upload it and I am too tired to figure it out tonight.

If you would like to purchase the Santa Shirt check it out in my shoppe!

The Elf on the Shelf...and the starbucks mug...the wreath...the flowers...

So we have been doing the elf on the shelf for a few days now...and I tell ya..it gets cuter every night. So funny to see that little dude peeking out from where ever he is. The girls are very into it...in fact it has turned into quite a competition as they decided whoever finds the elf first gets a Christmas wish...which I am thinking this entire thing could eventually blow up in my face...but for now...super cute!

I know...I am a sad grown up woman...but

As I have mentioned before...I need to grow up. As in how I dress. I tell myself a little sophistication never hurt anyone...yet I still am drawn to my Juicy sweats and anything with a "stretchy" waistband...how pathetic is that? I have been trying to "dress it up" a tad with...wait for it...jeans...yup...my crystal pocket encrusted jeans is me considering myself dressed up...HA. Well whatever...thats what happens when you work for yourself and have to be the chauffeur as well. Ok...I think the point of this post was to show you just HOW pathetic I really am. We got a Wii last year at xmas time and I LOVE it. It works so well. So many fun games (not that I have ANY time to play)...BUT...the kids love it...everyone can play....seriously the best thing ever. We also got Guitar Hero last year...totally addicting. I made it through the entire game up to the hard level...and then stopped...I cannot go any further...that thing is super hard...and well I do actually have a life...well now that is a lie...what I have is a business that is sooo not slowing down (thank you thank you thank you...) so it is probably a good thing I quit guitar hero because clearly I have an addicting personality...or I just like to pretend I can play the guitar (I will explain that in my New Years resolution post...lol). However my heart surgeon brother in law will be coming down for the holidays and well...we may need to resumer our competition. Anyways...I saw this in the store today and I totally need it under the tree. Forget my girls...they don't need it...actually maybe if I buy it FOR them..then I can just use it as well! Ha.

Honestly...if you don't have guitar hero...you are missing out...and if you don't have a wii??? What is wrong with you?

Aly and Aj...those girls are too cute. So here is the Aly and Aj Guitar hero for the wii. I think I need the heart shaped one. It reminds me of the 2 daisy rocks guitars we have that noone knows how to play...but they sure are cute.


I totally stole these off Betsy's blog...!

Can I just say that I love the internet. I love it because you meet the greatest people through it. I have met so many wonderful talented women and everyone has the cutest kids! Anyways...Betsy King is a fabulous photographer...model...wife...and mother...not in that order...In fact I bet she does them all equally perfect because that is Betsy. Anyways...she is the cute chickie in my mom shirts photos...and her son is one of my boy models...could they be any cuter? I read her blog on a regular basis...and I just stole these pics off of it because she didn't send them to me and so I was forced to stoop to stealing. But come on...look at them...do you blame me? Everyone thinks my santa reindeer shirts are girls shirts...not true...although they are adorable on girls too...but does Miles look like he is wearing a girls shirt? Uh...I think not! Sorry Betsy...sorry for stealing. And truth be told...I wanted to post good pictures for a change instead of my terrible ones I seem to be on a roll taking these days.


I was running out of time...

I know I know...I keep complaining about not having any time to shop...thank the lord for online retailers (because I would not have a business without them...nor any xmas gifts...)ANYWHOO...I finally pulled the plug and ordered something for my kids. And trust me...the Juicy-ness will not be lost on my little label babies...so sad. Anyways...they are each getting one of these Juicy Couture girls starter necklaces...and a charm for it. The phone charm is for my oldest who is obsessed with my cell phone at the moment...and the carriage is for my youngest who thinks she is Cinderella (we think she is too.)

...everyone else was backordered on it...good thing I finally ordered otherwise they all would have been backordered...yikes.

Just because I am sharing photos today...

Meet George...he is our 2 year old goldendoodle. I love him. He is the biggest dog we have ever had and well...I love him...did I say that? Anyways...my mom is getting a new puppy next week so I predict all future pictures will be of the puppy...so in the mean time...here is George. And well...I love him.

The house is decorated...

I have next to no time to decorate this year (thank you every one of my customers! that is not even CLOSE to a complaint...this is a good thing) but...I still had to decorate. So we did...like really really fast. Everything inside and outside was up in one day...boom...done. Wish I could say the same for my present shopping. Geesh.

Oliver the Elf...

Ok...so we are on day 2 of the Find The Elf tradition. So cute. The first night...he was perched up very high on a shelf...I awoke at 6 am to find to very sleepy children creeping through the house determined to find him. It took them all day. Ha. This morning Oliver was sitting at the very top of the tree. I have put my husband in charge of Oliver because well...he is A. very tall and B. he loves little jobs like that...so I am as eager to see where Oliver will show up next as well. Here are a couple pictures of Oliver this morning. Can you spot him up there on top of the tree? This one was easy...my youngest spotted him in about 25 seconds.


The Elf on the Shelf!

As I sit here filling orders...and wanting to totally change one of my kids names to Magnolia because I am doing a pair of leggings for a Magnolia at this moment and I just think that is the cutest name EVER! Anyways...I am eager to start our new holiday tradition tomorrow. Have you seen this thang? I think it is the cutest idea ever...why do I not come up with these things on my own...? Never the less it is available lots of places. Saw it at Nordstrom. Barnes N' Noble..Amazon. Anyways...you get the adorable book...and the elf. Your kids name the elf. This is their elf from now on. The elf does not talk. Every night while the kids are sleeping the elf flies to Santa and gives him a report about how the kids were that day...good or bad...you get the picture. Then the next morning the hides somewhere. The kids try to find him...or they don't...but he is watching...and reporting back to the big guy! The thing is the kids cannot touch him or move him. But they can tell him their xmas wishes as well. How freakin cute is that! I love it. Then the elf goes away after xmas and comes back the next year. Wonder what mine will name their elf. Oh and you have to let your kids check out the Elf on the Shelf website...it is the coolest thing. So well done. I love it.

Ok...elf update...apparently I have been living under a rock. How is it that this elf thing has been around for like 3 years and I have never seen it...although we go to Barnes N Noble 20 times a week??? I have no idea. This is right up my alley. I know everything! Just jokes...I actually do live under a rock. But whatever...I still think it is the cutest Christmas tradition. Too bad my one daughter is 8 and this is probably the last year we can get her to truly "believe..." but...we will try. I just may have to home school her for the month of December or quarantine her from the other kids at school...hmmm...that has potential actually.