I know...I am a sad grown up woman...but

As I have mentioned before...I need to grow up. As in how I dress. I tell myself a little sophistication never hurt anyone...yet I still am drawn to my Juicy sweats and anything with a "stretchy" waistband...how pathetic is that? I have been trying to "dress it up" a tad with...wait for it...jeans...yup...my crystal pocket encrusted jeans is me considering myself dressed up...HA. Well whatever...thats what happens when you work for yourself and have to be the chauffeur as well. Ok...I think the point of this post was to show you just HOW pathetic I really am. We got a Wii last year at xmas time and I LOVE it. It works so well. So many fun games (not that I have ANY time to play)...BUT...the kids love it...everyone can play....seriously the best thing ever. We also got Guitar Hero last year...totally addicting. I made it through the entire game up to the hard level...and then stopped...I cannot go any further...that thing is super hard...and well I do actually have a life...well now that is a lie...what I have is a business that is sooo not slowing down (thank you thank you thank you...) so it is probably a good thing I quit guitar hero because clearly I have an addicting personality...or I just like to pretend I can play the guitar (I will explain that in my New Years resolution post...lol). However my heart surgeon brother in law will be coming down for the holidays and well...we may need to resumer our competition. Anyways...I saw this in the store today and I totally need it under the tree. Forget my girls...they don't need it...actually maybe if I buy it FOR them..then I can just use it as well! Ha.

Honestly...if you don't have guitar hero...you are missing out...and if you don't have a wii??? What is wrong with you?

Aly and Aj...those girls are too cute. So here is the Aly and Aj Guitar hero for the wii. I think I need the heart shaped one. It reminds me of the 2 daisy rocks guitars we have that noone knows how to play...but they sure are cute.

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