Happy New Years!

So we are spending this New Years like the past 10 or so New Years...we go to my mom and dads...bbq steak and lobster and everyone goes to sleep by 10. Ha. Although this year I have decided to tack on an extreme case of hives. I am just going to blame the CPSIA for this thank you very much. Since I have no clue what is causing them exactly I might as well blame my main source of stress. Never the less I tried Allegra and Flonase last night only to find that I was allergic to one of them and I managed to stop the damage at just my lips puffing up to fat albert proportions...and well now I get to spend my first week of the New Year doped up on prednisone. Anywhoo...I wish you all a very Happy New Year. I will be sleeping for most of mine. And since I don't have anything really to post here...I will leave you with pics of my chicks opening a gift from their "aunt" Kristine who thinks the girls are worthy of the Juicy Couture Barbies and Tarina Tarantino bracelets...(that I fully intend on stealing from my children to go with my own Tarina collection!)

Happy New Year!

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