I was running out of time...

I know I know...I keep complaining about not having any time to shop...thank the lord for online retailers (because I would not have a business without them...nor any xmas gifts...)ANYWHOO...I finally pulled the plug and ordered something for my kids. And trust me...the Juicy-ness will not be lost on my little label babies...so sad. Anyways...they are each getting one of these Juicy Couture girls starter necklaces...and a charm for it. The phone charm is for my oldest who is obsessed with my cell phone at the moment...and the carriage is for my youngest who thinks she is Cinderella (we think she is too.)

...everyone else was backordered on it...good thing I finally ordered otherwise they all would have been backordered...yikes.


Amy said...

Wow, I just came across your website (then blog, naturally) and your items are rockin'!!! My daughter's birthday is Monday so I am sad to have not found it sooner!

I was contemplating purchasing the J necklace for my five year old but thought some may think I am crazy. How old are your girls? Just need a little reassurance, that's all!!

That's it...have a great holiday and will definitely be finding some great items from your selection!!

paperlili said...

No worries Amy...you are not alone in this world of over indulging little ones...mine are 5 and 8...and trust me when I say my 5 year old will appreciate the necklace more than the 8 year old...lol! True story. She is a hoot.

Happy Birthday to your little one.

Angel said...

Where did you find the charms? I think a little preschool princess named Gracie may need that.

Angel said...

I'm going to ask a stupid question.

I bought this before Christmas with the carriage charm. Where, on the necklace, does it go? I want to give it to my princess for Valentine's Day but am not sure where to put it.