A Christmas hint for my husband...

Ok...I am done apologizing for my lack of sophistication...I like color...I like comfy...I am a "wanna be beach bum". I live in the desert yet I dream of having a huge house on a beach (I know...who doesn't?) I don't even care which beach. But I am thinking if I could choose...it would be Singleton Beach on Hilton Head Island. ANYWAYS...man do I get off track easily. This post is a hint for my husband...or whomever wants to buy me a super over priced cotton comfy outfit. HA. Gypsy 05 is a great line! I love everything they have. Their dresses are awesome. And now I need to add a "comfy" to my collection. Oh and a scarf...because I do love this scarf! Although it is on backorder and I did see some pretty cute ones at the gap yesterday. Anyways...here ya go hubby. Oh and by the way...if you want anything from Gypsy05...they are having a 25% off sale until midnight tonight...coupon code loyalty25 every little bit helps right!

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