The Elf on the Shelf!

As I sit here filling orders...and wanting to totally change one of my kids names to Magnolia because I am doing a pair of leggings for a Magnolia at this moment and I just think that is the cutest name EVER! Anyways...I am eager to start our new holiday tradition tomorrow. Have you seen this thang? I think it is the cutest idea ever...why do I not come up with these things on my own...? Never the less it is available lots of places. Saw it at Nordstrom. Barnes N' Noble..Amazon. Anyways...you get the adorable book...and the elf. Your kids name the elf. This is their elf from now on. The elf does not talk. Every night while the kids are sleeping the elf flies to Santa and gives him a report about how the kids were that day...good or bad...you get the picture. Then the next morning the hides somewhere. The kids try to find him...or they don't...but he is watching...and reporting back to the big guy! The thing is the kids cannot touch him or move him. But they can tell him their xmas wishes as well. How freakin cute is that! I love it. Then the elf goes away after xmas and comes back the next year. Wonder what mine will name their elf. Oh and you have to let your kids check out the Elf on the Shelf website...it is the coolest thing. So well done. I love it.

Ok...elf update...apparently I have been living under a rock. How is it that this elf thing has been around for like 3 years and I have never seen it...although we go to Barnes N Noble 20 times a week??? I have no idea. This is right up my alley. I know everything! Just jokes...I actually do live under a rock. But whatever...I still think it is the cutest Christmas tradition. Too bad my one daughter is 8 and this is probably the last year we can get her to truly "believe..." but...we will try. I just may have to home school her for the month of December or quarantine her from the other kids at school...hmmm...that has potential actually.

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Loraine said...

just ordered one for us... thank's for the tip.

i'm excited to start this new holiday tradition in our house!