Since Santa did not leave a needle full of botox...

I am 33 and have not tried botox yet. Although I swear if I had it in my house I would be using it day and night. Anyways...in place of botox I have pretty much tried everything else. I am a daily (and nightly) user of Prevage...I do love it. Noone can tell me for one second that it does not work. When I run out I am like...ooooo...do I really want to spend $150 on a new bottle and within 4 days my face is screaming "GET THEE TO ULTA!"...so you see my problem. The great thing is that my mom saw it at Costco for $90...yay.

Anywhoo...Santa kindly left me a couple new fixers that I will now try religiously for the next couple weeks and see if they work. One is a $95 bottle of eyelash grower...yup you read that correctly. Beauty Society Enormous lash. Apparently it has something in it that glaucoma patience were using and a side effect was long healthy lashes...SIGN ME UP! The next is Strivectin sd which is actually for stretch marks (which I also have...thank you very much!) and apparently if you use this stinky stuff on your face it helps with wrinkles and everything else that I don't really have right now but I can see them trying to break on through.

So...if you have tried either of these remedies and have found they either work or don't...let me know if I am wasting my time.

Oh...and one more thing that was instantly great!...This...try it...lovely...at least it works within a half a minute.

Now if you are a loon like myself and are willing to try any remedy they sell ya...and you have found it worked...please let me know!

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April said...

Im 31 and scared to death of aging! lol The strivectin-sd does work! I know it was made for stretch marks, but when they had women test it out they thought they were suppose to put it on there face. I also looooove the hand cream. I much rather get a face lift before I ever injected myself with botox. Im a make-up artist and can tell you that contouring and highlighting does wonders for me. ; )