Martha Stewart step aside...

Ok so I totally cheated. Ha. I had a bucket of sugar cookie dough in the fridge (thank you school fundraisers) and I had already eaten my way through the tub of chocolate chunk (you would think anything with the word CHUNK in it would be enough to stop me...but nooo) anyways...I was afraid the tub of sugar cookie dough would go the same way. So. Even though I have not a single moment to spare these days I thought...better bake 'em and give 'em away before I eat my way through them. So I whipped out my Wilton Cookie pro and whammo...done. Sprinkle a little Martha Stewart colored pink and green and Martha blue sugar on them and voila. They actually turned out like they were supposed to. Ha. So if you really want to fake it and impress your friends...get yourself one of these. They would also make a great teacher gift or hostess gift...why??? Because the damn thing actually works really really well. Even my kids can do it and the cookies turn out exactly how they should. Who knew?

On a TOTALLY unrelated note...I just wrote a note to our Senator McCain about the whole CPSIA...I will let you know if/when I hear back from him. Ha. I am sure it will be full of lots of helpful information. I sent off my package of items to be tested yesterday...but I know alot of people are not planning on testing and just packing it in. That makes me sad. Is there anything more enjoyable then cruising ETSY late at night when you can't sleep? I mean really. So sad. The world as we know will not be the same after Feb 10th. Crap.

If you are looking for a lab to send your stuff to...check out the CPSIA site and they have a list of labs.

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