And like that he was gone...

After 3 weeks or so of playing hide and seek with Oliver our Elf on the Shelf...it is time for him to fly away. We will give it a go next December but by then my oldest will be 9 and I am sure at some point the whole thing will blow up in my face. But we made it through another year and perhaps she is just that great of a little actress but she did not let on for one second that she didn't believe. So hey. I went with it. It was fun. My youngest would find Oliver literally within 30 seconds every single morning...and I am not kidding when I say sometimes the hiding spots were so good that even I forgot where they were. Anyways...Oliver is now tucked away in my sock drawer but he is leaving a little letter tonight to the girls and voila...THE juicy necklaces. Ha. I didn't know what else to do with them so they are being tucked inside mini little lunchboxes that the Great Abbey Hill sent us...speaking of...this week I am going to do a post on Abbey because you NEED to see the Barbie business card holder she sent me...oh...my...gawd I love it. Anyway...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Oh and ps...I got the CPSIA update today and I am thinking there may actually be hope on the horizon...of course I am not that bright and don't understand all the legal mumbojumbo but within the next week or so this thing may be not as horrible as we all think it is. I hope.

Don't delete the paperlili bookmark just yet!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Cristy! Love the girls hats!
Robin and Parker