ok...since I am not prepared to close up shop just yet...

So yesterday was a really really sucky day. BUT...after freaking out over the new CPSIA laws I have spent the morning talking with one of the government approved labs and well...my samples for testing will be in the mail on their way to the lab today. Voila. Not much else I can do. This truly is the worst thing. I fear for all the adorable one of a kind dresses and hats and FUN that is available on ebay and etsy and...well you know my love of etsy. Plus it just makes me sooo sad that originally designed items from wonderful seamstresses all over the place will be replaced by big box store items because the big box stores are the ones that can afford to foot the bill to do the testing. Of course we will all pay in the end when they up their prices. AHHHHGGGG. Anyways...because I don't make items that have a zillion buttons or zippers or trims on them (although I had plans too...) I don't think it will be too hard to have my items tested. So. Today is looking up. And when I was feeling really really down about all this...voila...in my in box the most wonderful email appeared from a customer in San Francisco. How beautiful is little Rose. She has just the sweetest little face! My goodness she is a doll. So thank you Rose for brightening my day. And thank you Phil the lab dude for helping me see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel...the unnecessarily expensive tunnel :)

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