Holy #$% where have I been?

Oh yes...I was knee deep in Holiday orders.
I am still knee deep...but all holiday orders got to the holiday orderers on time so hey...I can count 2010 as a success:)  Needless to say, I hope everyone had a wonderful Hanukkah...Christmas...and every other Holiday.  It was a good one over here.  My jeans are literally screaming at me to quit eating so they can get a little break on the seams.  Yikes.  Damage was done.
Time to undo the damage.

I have had a sale on some items that I never put on sale usually.
The problem.  I forgot to list it on my blog. If you are a member of the Paper Lili Facebook page, you get all the good info first.  Why?  Because it is easy to post it there.
Yup.  I am apparently lazy and all about what is easiest.  Then I forget my poor little blog.
No worries.  Big plans in 2011 for the site...and the blog...and everything.  BIG plans.
The sale was supposed to be over today...but I remembered I did not give everyone a heads up on the sale to begin with.  So.  Click here to see the sale items.
It will only be on sale until Wednesday...then it is over. Finito.  Dunzo. 

In 2011, I also plan on carrying some fun other items that I did not make...but I do love.
So if there is something that you think I should add...please email me and let me know!
You know I love fun stuff.
Tonight I have to list these.  Fabulous bracelets from Rolf Bleu.
Adorable.  Girls like to just pile them up their arms.
The best part about them...they will only be $7.50.
Cute huh.

Other cute new stuff I have added so far are the Twist Bands.  The perfect bracelet/hair band.
More than handy. Especially if you are like me and you end up putting your hair in a pony or braids at some point in the day...everyday.

Added a couple new tees into the mix...

There will be a TON of new designs coming up soon.
Did I mention big things for 2011?
So I will leave you with a couple things that sum up my xmas...

Yes...I look like a disco ball...but would you expect anything less from me?
what this a picture of?
Why it is the sparkle in my purple sparkle lululemon hoodie
If you saw my closet you would think you stepped into a lulu store.
It kinda is pathetic.
Plus...how many shades of purple does one need?
Apparently alot because I have three purple hoodies....but I love them all equally.
Actually, that is a lie...I love this one the most because it has sparkles in it.

Yes...it is a bbq lol...but it is very exciting because we are putting in a big built in bbq and firepit etc in our backyard.  This is so good. I hated my backyard. The dude who lived here before us didn't do anything landscaping wise.  So in a week...everything will be finished and I need to learn how to bbq on this puppy...which is some funky crossray infrared bbq.  
And then there is this.
Check it out. 
If you are a past reader of my blog you will know about the painting my sister gave me last xmas.
Well...this year...I got another one ( I have been told not to expect this every year)
and I love this one even more than last years...actually maybe it is equal love.
Whatever the case...this is a Canadian Artist...Angela Morgan...and they are so beautiful and colorful...just make you smile.
I have a crazy alcove by my front door. It is 6 1/2 feet high...and really wide, yet the actual hanging space is very narrow...so...this is the most perfect paiting ever for it.
Plus...it kinda looks like me:)
Alright...so I am off to work now.
Remember...the sale ends wednesday.


Once again...I let Martha down.

So I wanted to try these snowglobes years ago...the first time Martha put them in her magazine.
Then I forgot.
Then she reprinted them in Decembers issue...so I thought it was a sign.
I was wrong.
I screwed something up...unless the silicone glue just isn't dry yet.  
I don't know.  They are cute...but I don't recommend picking them up and shaking them;)
Here are the directions if you would like to give it a go.  And if you do...and it works...let me know.
Oooo.  It is 9.  I gotta go to bed. 
I was up so late last night pressing tees/leggings/ scarves...stuff.
Then I said I would wake up and package them for the mail lady this morning....the only problem was that I had no idea what time she was coming...and I had 55 boxes to pack and ship.
That is not 55 items...some of those boxes have 2,3,6 items in them.
Oh my...I was running around like a fool.
I don't like to pressure myself. Let me rephrase that.  I don't like to leave things to the last minute.
So I always have them packaged at night...ready to go in the morning so I can start on the next batch.
I learned my lesson this morning...and it didn't help that my throat was on fire.
Ahhhhg.  Actually...what really didn't help was that there were two dudes in my backyard all day working on our landscaping and today was jack hammer day.  I felt like a cartoon character jumping around on the jackhammer with my head bouncing up and down.  
Not good.
I have taken ALOT of medication today.  I don't think it is helping.
I will be fine though.  No biggie.  I am so on top of things right now...no worries ladies...your stuff is either on it's way...or it will be this week.  

Tonight I decided to try this...
uh...it didn't work.  Usually something like that would drive me nuts and I would work at it until I got it.  I gave up...quickly...and now I have candy cane striped nails:) 
I know I talk about nail polish alot...but since I am looking down at my fingers for a good portion of the day...if they are purdy...then they work faster:)  

Sorry I don't have any more pretty pictures to share.  
I could share these cute scarves...in case you needed another idea:)

Oh and how about these leggings.  The guitar wraps around the leg:)
Ok...so tonight we missed a holiday party.
To much going on and did I mention I feel like crapola.
I am in a rather terrible mood as well I must admit.  Grumpy:)
So my ipad and I are going to lie on my heating pad in bed and play some angry birds.
Do you play angry birds on your ipad?  If so...did you get the Halloween and now the Christmas birds?
Talk about addicting.
I think tomorrow it is about time to get one more "holiday list" up on the blog...so I will be back with some more good finds. If there is something you think I should share...email me with it and I will blog it:)  Customerservice@paperlili.com



Some favorite finds for xmas...

I could apologize for being such a bad blogger but really...it is because I am such a good worker that I am a bad blogger.  Somethings gotta give ya know:)

Ok...so here are some fun finds that I have come across for the Holidays...or 
just whenever:)

First...I am not certain who needs this more...my kids...or me.
I kinda want one...badly.

and if those weren't cute enough...what about a cupcake for a table!
 Has anyone seen these bandaids in person?
Is there a place to get them other than online?
I need some.  Especially the sequin bandaid. 
I need Cynthia Rowley back at Target.

Can't go wrong with Jonathan Adler.

Sequin uggs.
'nuff said there
get them here

 This entire outfit.  
Of course...I cannot figure out exactly what pieces it is...but it is good.

This eye palette is going to be the end of me I tell you.
It is impossible to find.  Forget the toys of the year...this is the toy of the year for women.
Seriously.  The stores get 5 in at a time and they go in 2 seconds. Grrrr.  I need one.
How CUTE is this tea set?

I kinda need this mirror.
and last for tonight...JewelMint...the new jewelry line from Kate Bosworth.

I love it.  
And I love this bracelet which apparently is not available any longer? I don't really understand how it works but I love me some funky colored bracelets.

Wow...this list was all over the place huh.
That tells you how my mind is working these days.
I gotta go to bed. I am zonked.
Wiped out.