Some favorite finds for xmas...

I could apologize for being such a bad blogger but really...it is because I am such a good worker that I am a bad blogger.  Somethings gotta give ya know:)

Ok...so here are some fun finds that I have come across for the Holidays...or 
just whenever:)

First...I am not certain who needs this more...my kids...or me.
I kinda want one...badly.

and if those weren't cute enough...what about a cupcake for a table!
 Has anyone seen these bandaids in person?
Is there a place to get them other than online?
I need some.  Especially the sequin bandaid. 
I need Cynthia Rowley back at Target.

Can't go wrong with Jonathan Adler.

Sequin uggs.
'nuff said there
get them here

 This entire outfit.  
Of course...I cannot figure out exactly what pieces it is...but it is good.

This eye palette is going to be the end of me I tell you.
It is impossible to find.  Forget the toys of the year...this is the toy of the year for women.
Seriously.  The stores get 5 in at a time and they go in 2 seconds. Grrrr.  I need one.
How CUTE is this tea set?

I kinda need this mirror.
and last for tonight...JewelMint...the new jewelry line from Kate Bosworth.

I love it.  
And I love this bracelet which apparently is not available any longer? I don't really understand how it works but I love me some funky colored bracelets.

Wow...this list was all over the place huh.
That tells you how my mind is working these days.
I gotta go to bed. I am zonked.
Wiped out.



Penny Candy Pictures said...

Definitely some fun finds!!! In <3 with the tea set! And I thought the exact same thing about the sequin bandaide... "I gotta see that in person!"

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the band aids in stock online? I love them.