I know I know...soccer does rock as well

I already had it done last week...I just totally forgot to list it.
This would be appropriate for your little soccer player...or the lil sis to wear to the big brother's game.
No?  I think so;)

get it here


Fun Friday= new stuff

Here is what I am working on...please let me know what I am missing.
-tanks for moms
-tank dresses for the chicks
-other stuff lol

Here is what I just listed today. Let me know if there is anything else that really rocks that
I need to slap on a tank.

If you like any of these...find them here

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now down to 993...what the...I need to quit looking lol.

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The winner of the Picture frame is...

Miss Emily Gorrell:)

Emily, please email me your pick of frame and your mailing address:)

Thanks for playing everyone!

And since anyone who did not win will be bored with this post...I will post a picture of what we went to school today wearing in honor of hat day
Rachel Zoe would be proud.  Actually...she would probably say.
"I die".
But she might appreciate the effort???  lol


Wordless Wednesday...what? Its Thursday...well then

Wordless thursday lol.
Why?  Because I am absolutely exhausted this week.
My allergies are kicking my butt.
I feel like a zombie. I have NO idea how I managed anything through my "hive" issues.
18 antihistamines a day= super zombie state.
Somehow I managed...but now...2 benedryls and a zyrtec and I am flat on my face.
I need all these pretty Arizona blooming flowers and trees to go away.
I love looking at them...but seriously...I need to quit with the medicine already!

So.  Wordless thursday.
I will leave you with a picture of chickster.


New Giveaway just in time for Mother's day:)

So I told you I was going to try to round up some other giveaways.
Look what I got for ya.
Paper-White Designs is a fabulous new company that makes beautiful frames.
So many in fact that it was difficult to pick which one to do a giveaway with.
So...you get to pick. 
Kim from Paper-White designs will send the winner their choice of one of these three frames.
In 4x6 version.

And alllllll you have to do is...comment on which frame is your favorite.
Ha.  How tough is that one?
I was going to challenge you and make the contest tricky.
Like...say...what did I do before I made kids clothes.
Then I figured...maybe 2 of you would know the answer to that one.
However...I have mentioned it before, a couple times...if you read a handful of blog posts back, I bet it is in there. So if you actually DO know the answer... put it in the comments and I will give you an EXTRA 10 entries in the random drawing.
Did that make sense?

Alrighty.  This contest will go until....Friday morning.


Happy Birthday Nathan

See this super cute dude.

This is Nathan, my nephew.
He turned 5 yesterday.
Why is he not wearing a Kapow #5 tee?
Because he has a super sucky aunt who's present did not get there in time...that's why.

I want these...really really badly

I am drawn to color.
I try and try to ease up.
I can't.  I love it.  Every color.  The brighter the better.

I want these.
But I want the wall case to put them in...and then, much like a couple barbies that are too good to take out of the boxes...I don't want anyone to touch them.
I just want to hang them in my "office" and stare at them.
They are like art to me.

Lets hope someone else, closer...and less expensive, comes up with a similar plan as I am afraid my husband would think I was nuts to spend this much on colored pencils.

I still want them though.
Felissimo Pencils.  Love them.


Beauty post #1

Why?  Because I am beautiful *cough cough* at least that is what my 7 year old tells me.
Seriously.  Did you ever think that was a reason to have kids?
To have some little short person follow you around the house and tell you how beautiful you are.
I was looking at bathing suits today. It made me laugh. 
Why?  Because I was wondering to myself, at what age do your kids start to realize that you have
cellulite...and a big bootay?  My oldest is almost 9.  Surely this summer she will catch a glimps of my butt and think "omg...is that what happens when you get old?"
I don't know.  Maybe I have another year or so before she clues in that yes...it is what happens lol.
Unless you are a marathoner.

Anyways.  No.  I am soooo not beautiful.  Far from it.  But what I did have going for me for a handful of years was good skin.  I have my mother's skin.  She is Hungarian.  She has good, oily, olive skin.
Sure oily may not sound like a good thing...but I kinda think it helps fight wrinkles.
At least in my mind it did.  Until I turned 34.
I swear the second I turned 30...my face changed.
The second I turned 34...I started breaking out.
Egad.  I sucked.  What the...
Who breaks out in their 30's?
Apparently alot of women do. Who knew?
Well it is just as embarrassing in your 30's as in your teens.
It took me a good year to get a grasp of things and figure out how to fight it off.
I realize everyone has different skin...but for me...this is what worked.
-murad acne wash
-murad acne toner (the toner was the key for me)
-murad acne treatment gel
-skin perfecting lotion
it all comes in a trial pack together...which is a super good value I think...and well you can try it without buying a million things.
this all worked well...but I needed to kick it up a notch...and this is when I really started to see improvement.
During the day I used Boots 7 restore and renew serum (religiously)
and at night I would use the Murad Night Serum
and then coat my face in cream.  Like major cream.
You know on tv how they show the woman caked in facial cream.
That is me.  For years I figured my skin was so oily that it did not need cream.
Not true apparently.  I am now thinking that my face was so oily...because I was drying it out.
Ha.  See.  Not only do I make blingy tees...but I also self diagnose.  

I realize that my "system" sounds both expensive (yes...if you buy it all at once duh) and like alot of work...but all I can say is that it has made a world of difference in my skin...and well...I have it down to a fine art now:)  I have noooo idea what finally clicked for my skin...one of those steps did...or all combined...but I think that the serums...the Boots serum especially...is a very very good product.

One more thing...just because I apparently am nuts...and feel like sharing my super exciting friday night activities with you...but last week I bought this Olay Microdermabrasion kit at Target...and ohmagawd...my skin is like butter.  Not only is it just fun to use...the heat reaction between the "magic lotion" and the scrub is worth the price of admission alone...but your skin will feel amazing instantly...two thumbs up.  I promise. Instant facial.  I am a believer.

And the winner is...

I told you it wasn't very tough:)
Of course it is "The Beast"
Don't you love him?
So.  We took the list of winners.
Cut them into strips.
Then I had my faithful assistant fold them in half and place them in the jar
give a lil shake shake
 time to pick one

who is it???  who is it???

wait...I can't read that...hello...focus please:)

voila.  Ms. Jennifer Alt...please send me your info:)

Thanks for playing guys!
That was fun.  Let me try to come up with some other prizes.  


Because I promised

I am sorry it took me so long to post these.
To those lovely customers patiently waiting for these pictures...I am afraid you will be let down because
my pictures totally suck! I did not realize this until I downloaded them on my computer.
And truthfully...I am way too tired to take more right now.
So this is as good as it gets for now:)
So these are mom tees...however they are quite slim...and well...my 9 year old could wear the xs.
So all you xs sized women...you are the size of a super skinny 9 year old.  Just sayin'.
And I am TOTALLY jealous lol.
I love these tees because they are super bright and fun and comfy.
Yes of course, if you want a size 4 lil chick tank with candy expert on it...that I can do.
I just wanted to show the tees:)

Pictures make my day

I don't think I can explain to you how I love to get happy customer notes.
Or photos.  Or anything really.
For so many reasons.
I love the fact that people want one of my tees for their daughters 4th birthday.
Or first day of school...or Easter...or anyday really.
Those are important days!  And I so so SO love being a part of that.
Then to take the time to send ME a photo of the event...or to write a note telling me
that you loved your purchase.  It means the world to me.
It really really does.
So please, keep the pictures coming. 
And PLEASE post them on the facebook fan page.
Yesterday I got this picture of the beautiful Juliette.
I love every single part of these pictures...right down to her rainbow colored braces.
Kirsty is her mom.  Kirsty is  a photographer in Southern California.
(click her name to go to her site)
Juliette and Kirsty made my day.
Thank you girls:)


Time for a contest:)

This one is easy:)
Tell me who this little dude is, first and last name.
I will randomly pick from the correct answers and the winner will win the tee he is sportin'.
In the appropriate number needed of course.
Numbers 1-6 available. 
If you don't have a little dude...get creative...throw on a pettiskirt and girl it up.
I will pick a winner on friday evening.

OH so so easy lol.

ps...I have turned off the comments so there is no cheatin'...not that you guys would do that!
Clearly but the looks of things...you know exactly who the lil stud is.

A little motivation needed

Ok.  I am just going to throw it out there. 
I need to lose 10lbs.  Maybe 20lbs.  That would put me in a skinny catagory.
I would be happy there.
I am never there.
But 10lbs is needed...badly.
I got kicked out of my house again...mid "bling" to show it.
I am sooo over this program.
I need to sell this house....NOW.  
It always starts out as a simple call. "Yes...this is so and so from xyz realty...can I please show your house in 15 MINUTES!"  Are you kidding me?
I always say yes.  You should see what I have to then accomplish in 15 minutes.
I am insane.  And I make a mess while I am working.  
Did I mention I was over this program?
Needless to say, I saw the weather forcast and it is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow.
Apparently I cannot hide in my lululemon "stretchy" pants in 90 degrees.
I try though;0
But I am soooo sick of feeling gross in summer clothes.  This is it.
I ran last fall...for like 4 months.  I was so good.
I gained weight.  I stopped.
I swear to god if I wanted to be a body builder...I could do it.
My body does not want to be thin...it was to have muscles.
I don't want muscles!  I want Nicole Ritchie-ness lol.
Whatever.  At this point, I just need to be healthy.
So I will start again.  That is all I can do.
Take it one meal at a time...and run forest run!
I needed a new pair of running shoes...my old ones killed my toes.
Peyton has these shoes...she does not like to wear any other shoes.
Good thing she is 9 and won't care that her mom now has them too.

I will also have you know that while I was kicked out of my home for the agent to show it...I did go into Starbucks and got both my mom and dad super yummy looking drinks.  It would have been sooo
easy to get myself my green tea frappy...and tell myself I would start again tomorrow...but nope.  I didn't do it.  I started yesterday...I am determined.  If you would like to join me on the "summer slim down"...please do.  If you just want to watch me make a fool of myself...uuuuuuhhhhh...thats fine to.
I realize I have said this before...but truthfully...I need to do it.  I am sooo sick of myself right now.

On a shop related note, I promised a couple customers that I would post new items today.
Sorry...I was in the middle of those items when I got the boot.  BUT...I will finish them tonight...and post pics tomorrow...I promise;)


You think THEY'RE cute...you should see...

...their moms geesh.  I would post a picture...but I might get into trouble:)  No...these are not twin sisters...just best friends...and their mom's look exactly alike too.  It is crazy.

Start giving your hints:)

Mothers day is right around the corner...so time to start sending hubby some hints.
First stop...the mom's catagory on the paperlili site of course:)
I combined all the sweatshirts.  Everyone liked every color...so I restocked...and now you can pick your
own combination...including the LUCKY MOM!
I love the lucky mom.  I love the colors.  I think I need to make myself a green lucky mom tee.

Also I have a new my MOM rocks tee...and while I was at it...how about my DAD rocks
If you can think of anything else that ROCKS that I don't already have...please put it in the comments and I can see what I can do:)  I have a bunch of other ones in the works...so hold tight...it might already be coming to fruition.


Waiting time is almost over!

I have been looking forward to this show for about 9 months! I love this family...and I love Sixx Design. Oh how I wish I lived in one of their extremely cool homes. If you have never heard of them...just trust me...you will be wishing along with me.


Allergies...or a horrible cold

I don't know what I have...but whatever it is...it is requiring ALOT of medication and it is kicking my bootay.  So is this house selling bidnez.  Never mind all the paperwork.  Just keeping a house
in showhome state is next to impossible.  At least in this family it is.
I got major 'tude from a dude this morning who called wanting to show my house this afternoon.
I politely told him that wednesday afternoon suck in my house and unless he wants to enter at his own risk and get eaten by George the 110 furball...he might want to wait until tomorrow...or any other day actually.  He told me in his most snotty snot snot voice "well excuse me for trying to sell your home for you!" and he hung up.  See ya dude.  Thanks for irritating me though.

Anyways...I am home for 30 minutes...then on mom duties for the rest of the afternoon/evening.
But I wanted to share with you a couple new things in the shop.

and something super new...but fun...I hope. 
I realize it is ALOT of bling...perhaps too much???


Anthropoligie...you make me want to decorate

So my bedspread was looking nasty.
I will blame it on the 110 lb furball that sleeps upside down on it every day and night.
How did I solve my problem?
I stole my daughters bedspread.
And it makes me happy now. Ha.
But now her bed is bare. 
She had the Chika quilt.
Hmm...so many good ones to choose from.
I think I need to decide what color to paint her new room (when she has a new room).
I think I like this one the best.

But then there are these as well.

Is there anything Anthropologie does poorly?
I think not. Can you imagine working in that store?
Would your paycheck ever make it home?


And a very Happy Easter to you...

Zero gravity eggs...hard to find (camo) eggs...and now night time "glow in the dark" eggs.
Willy Wonka has outdone himself.

So did Dylan's Candy Bar...to which I am a BIG fan of:)