Fun Friday= new stuff

Here is what I am working on...please let me know what I am missing.
-tanks for moms
-tank dresses for the chicks
-other stuff lol

Here is what I just listed today. Let me know if there is anything else that really rocks that
I need to slap on a tank.

If you like any of these...find them here

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now down to 993...what the...I need to quit looking lol.

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Rachel Kee said...

I just found this site. I need a SOCCER ROCKS tank and long sleeve for fall. That would be wonderful. The O could be a little Soccer ball. You could even charge a little extra to put the childs name and jersey number on the back (for some parents who like that kind of thing). Me...I just want a SOCCER ROCKS shirt. :) How do I get one of those anyway?

paperlili said...

Hi Rachel,

I have a soccer rocks actually. I just need to do a picture. Let me know what size you would be looking for and I can do it and post the photo for you to see:)


KimD said...

Ummmmmm....don't hold out on the tank dress!!!!! I am all over that!!!!