Fun Friday = sales

So I was going through some stock...and I have been meaning to list these tees for awhile.
I do wish they were prefect.  But I don't feel that they are.  
The numbers got printed on them a little off center and it drives me mad.
BUT...they are still adorable and I listed what I had on the site on sale.

Now, you are probably wondering what I am talking about...off center.  
And truthfully, if you bought one, you may spend more time than needed questioning my issue.
Keep in mind...I am a person that will spend hours making a kids name out of rhinestones...lining those little sparkley dudes up until they are perfect.
Now you understand:)
You may also notice that the black striped tee may look a tad familiar.
I sent one to Courtney to see what she could come up with...and I LOVE what she did.
So I cannot speak for Courtney...but the tee sure does look pretty cute in dress form:)
Maybe you wanna pay her zillions to make one into a dress for you.
(ps...I have no idea if she is taking custom orders these days...so please don't blame me if she can't do it...tee hee)

I also have a handful of the Rockstar tees on super soft organic cotton tees.

Then I had my great friend Robin work her wonders on a size run of tanks....then I slapped my logo cupcake on there and bam...so cute!
I have kids AND matching mom sizes...so now is your chance to match your little chick.
(please note that the mom tanks are really slim fitting)

And one more Billie Beans collaboration.

So check out the limited items on the site.  Make sure to check the sale page here.

Oh...I almost forgot.  The m&m's tee.
Ok.  That's all I have for today.
But I do have lots of odds and ends around here so don't be surprised to see crazy stuff popping up over the weekend:)

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