Beauty post #1

Why?  Because I am beautiful *cough cough* at least that is what my 7 year old tells me.
Seriously.  Did you ever think that was a reason to have kids?
To have some little short person follow you around the house and tell you how beautiful you are.
I was looking at bathing suits today. It made me laugh. 
Why?  Because I was wondering to myself, at what age do your kids start to realize that you have
cellulite...and a big bootay?  My oldest is almost 9.  Surely this summer she will catch a glimps of my butt and think "omg...is that what happens when you get old?"
I don't know.  Maybe I have another year or so before she clues in that yes...it is what happens lol.
Unless you are a marathoner.

Anyways.  No.  I am soooo not beautiful.  Far from it.  But what I did have going for me for a handful of years was good skin.  I have my mother's skin.  She is Hungarian.  She has good, oily, olive skin.
Sure oily may not sound like a good thing...but I kinda think it helps fight wrinkles.
At least in my mind it did.  Until I turned 34.
I swear the second I turned 30...my face changed.
The second I turned 34...I started breaking out.
Egad.  I sucked.  What the...
Who breaks out in their 30's?
Apparently alot of women do. Who knew?
Well it is just as embarrassing in your 30's as in your teens.
It took me a good year to get a grasp of things and figure out how to fight it off.
I realize everyone has different skin...but for me...this is what worked.
-murad acne wash
-murad acne toner (the toner was the key for me)
-murad acne treatment gel
-skin perfecting lotion
it all comes in a trial pack together...which is a super good value I think...and well you can try it without buying a million things.
this all worked well...but I needed to kick it up a notch...and this is when I really started to see improvement.
During the day I used Boots 7 restore and renew serum (religiously)
and at night I would use the Murad Night Serum
and then coat my face in cream.  Like major cream.
You know on tv how they show the woman caked in facial cream.
That is me.  For years I figured my skin was so oily that it did not need cream.
Not true apparently.  I am now thinking that my face was so oily...because I was drying it out.
Ha.  See.  Not only do I make blingy tees...but I also self diagnose.  

I realize that my "system" sounds both expensive (yes...if you buy it all at once duh) and like alot of work...but all I can say is that it has made a world of difference in my skin...and well...I have it down to a fine art now:)  I have noooo idea what finally clicked for my skin...one of those steps did...or all combined...but I think that the serums...the Boots serum especially...is a very very good product.

One more thing...just because I apparently am nuts...and feel like sharing my super exciting friday night activities with you...but last week I bought this Olay Microdermabrasion kit at Target...and ohmagawd...my skin is like butter.  Not only is it just fun to use...the heat reaction between the "magic lotion" and the scrub is worth the price of admission alone...but your skin will feel amazing instantly...two thumbs up.  I promise. Instant facial.  I am a believer.


Anonymous said...

My body def. changed after 30. Depressing..huh?? It sucks. I wish I had oily skin. My dermatologist has always told me that people with oily skin have less wrinkles.


ps. I just wish I could get my estrogen and waistline back that I had in high school and in my early 20's.

Lena said...

I wish I had oily skin. I can put vaseline on my skin and it soaks it up. But I had my first facial in like 2 years a few months ago and they suggested I get botox as a preventative measure on my frown line. Seriously?! Then my acupuncturist scared me by telling me it can lead to brain damage - botox, not wrinkles :)

Anonymous said...

I would love some oil in my skin. I have really dry skin....maybe if I would actually drink some water. I think I am part camel. I NEVER drink anything other than my coffee and a few other sips of things throughout the day...
I would love to try that Olay stuff though, sounds awesome! I dont really have any wrinkles, I just like trying new stuff :P (I get botox though...for migraines-hopefully I dont get brain damage!)
Anyway have a great weekend!