Because I promised

I am sorry it took me so long to post these.
To those lovely customers patiently waiting for these pictures...I am afraid you will be let down because
my pictures totally suck! I did not realize this until I downloaded them on my computer.
And truthfully...I am way too tired to take more right now.
So this is as good as it gets for now:)
So these are mom tees...however they are quite slim...and well...my 9 year old could wear the xs.
So all you xs sized women...you are the size of a super skinny 9 year old.  Just sayin'.
And I am TOTALLY jealous lol.
I love these tees because they are super bright and fun and comfy.
Yes of course, if you want a size 4 lil chick tank with candy expert on it...that I can do.
I just wanted to show the tees:)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Girl plse! I just sent you 2 horrible pics of Nadia. lol

Do you think you will ever re-make the candy cupcakes clothes tee?

~~~ducks under desk~~