A little motivation needed

Ok.  I am just going to throw it out there. 
I need to lose 10lbs.  Maybe 20lbs.  That would put me in a skinny catagory.
I would be happy there.
I am never there.
But 10lbs is needed...badly.
I got kicked out of my house again...mid "bling" to show it.
I am sooo over this program.
I need to sell this house....NOW.  
It always starts out as a simple call. "Yes...this is so and so from xyz realty...can I please show your house in 15 MINUTES!"  Are you kidding me?
I always say yes.  You should see what I have to then accomplish in 15 minutes.
I am insane.  And I make a mess while I am working.  
Did I mention I was over this program?
Needless to say, I saw the weather forcast and it is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow.
Apparently I cannot hide in my lululemon "stretchy" pants in 90 degrees.
I try though;0
But I am soooo sick of feeling gross in summer clothes.  This is it.
I ran last fall...for like 4 months.  I was so good.
I gained weight.  I stopped.
I swear to god if I wanted to be a body builder...I could do it.
My body does not want to be thin...it was to have muscles.
I don't want muscles!  I want Nicole Ritchie-ness lol.
Whatever.  At this point, I just need to be healthy.
So I will start again.  That is all I can do.
Take it one meal at a time...and run forest run!
I needed a new pair of running shoes...my old ones killed my toes.
Peyton has these shoes...she does not like to wear any other shoes.
Good thing she is 9 and won't care that her mom now has them too.

I will also have you know that while I was kicked out of my home for the agent to show it...I did go into Starbucks and got both my mom and dad super yummy looking drinks.  It would have been sooo
easy to get myself my green tea frappy...and tell myself I would start again tomorrow...but nope.  I didn't do it.  I started yesterday...I am determined.  If you would like to join me on the "summer slim down"...please do.  If you just want to watch me make a fool of myself...uuuuuuhhhhh...thats fine to.
I realize I have said this before...but truthfully...I need to do it.  I am sooo sick of myself right now.

On a shop related note, I promised a couple customers that I would post new items today.
Sorry...I was in the middle of those items when I got the boot.  BUT...I will finish them tonight...and post pics tomorrow...I promise;)


♥ Bekki said...

Yup so there with you. The sun peeking out all of a sudden slapped me in the face and I realized no matter what I might have told myself-jeans are not ok in the dead of summer.

Thankfully I have amazing will power (and a treadmill) so I'll bounce back in no time.

Once summer is over I can ditch my love affair with the treadmill and go back to my first true love-Starbucks

Rachel said...

Oh girl, I am so with you. 10 lbs would put me in a good place. I ran last year, as well and even did some races with my hubby. Was in good shape, then had surgery on a torn meniscus in December and that's where that story ends. I've tried several times this spring to go running (even a few days ago) and let me tell you how pathetically out of shape I am. I had to stop and walk. What a buzzkill. And this ROLL. No, not the buttered kind. The one that mysteriously appear/disappears when it wants to. Ugh. Disgusting. I figure I better get going to fit into those cute tees you are making me, but if you want to motivate each other, I'm happy to do it. I didn't have a great eating day. I start out great, but the dang chocolate gets me every time. Gah. I need someone to wire my jaw shut. That'd be a start.

Lena said...

OMG, we have discussed offline, of course. I will be happy with 5. 10 is unattainable, I'm convinced. But I have been wanting 5 off for like a year. So I'm with you! I can't run (knees, back, feet) but will do the best I can to do 6 days a week cardio plus pilates, etc.

So 8 weeks from tomorrow I'm going to Montreal with my man and coming home to 3 out of school and ready for summer. So 5 lbs in 8 weeks. Here we go!!!