Wordless Wednesday...what? Its Thursday...well then

Wordless thursday lol.
Why?  Because I am absolutely exhausted this week.
My allergies are kicking my butt.
I feel like a zombie. I have NO idea how I managed anything through my "hive" issues.
18 antihistamines a day= super zombie state.
Somehow I managed...but now...2 benedryls and a zyrtec and I am flat on my face.
I need all these pretty Arizona blooming flowers and trees to go away.
I love looking at them...but seriously...I need to quit with the medicine already!

So.  Wordless thursday.
I will leave you with a picture of chickster.


Anonymous said...

I was going to email you, but i will leave the comment here. : ) Those tee's are absolutely amazing! I don't know how you do it. I'm glad I got to see them before I left for work.

I'm sorry about your allergies, I've never suffered from them. :(

Can your daughter get any cuter?!!
And plse tell me where I can find that adorable headband/handkerchief?.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Your girlies are just way too gorgeous!

Hope you start feeling less zombie-like soon! I think you deserve a green tea frappuccino. Just sayin....