Yay! I am actually loading inventory...kinda

Ok...so someone apparently is reading this and probably not impressed that I do not update this thing like...ever...so...I promise to do a better job and more importantly I am actually loading my inventory to my site as we speak...well a couple things are up...more tomorrow. I am just trying to figure out how to put in descriptions and then there is shipping and tax and blah blah blah. Never the less...it will be going soon and hopefully it will help...alot! I hope! In the mean time...check out this new baby bunting bag I did...how cute is this thing? Almost makes me want another one...ALMOST...but...ya...no...


Gettin Silly!

Well...I have met the nicest chic...we seem to agree on pretty much everything! She is crazy like me and hilarious and I am sooo excited to now be available on her fabulous kids site... www.thesillywagon.com


My stuff was in a fashion show???

So...apparently my clothes were in a fashion show at the Mix...which is where The Garage is located. How cool is that? http://www.azcentral.com/commphotos/azcentral/5592/6/17/



So every single March and April in Phoenix my allergies are so out of control...I am sooo pretty in March and April! Good lord. My eyes are swollen out of my head...I could seriously fall asleep at any given moment since I am doped up on Benedryl 24/7. I swear is there was a Benedryl drip...hook me up. I am a mess. It is too bad really because Spring the the desert is soooo beautiful. The cactus shoot out these crazy flowers. People always think Arizona is all brown and dry...when really is it actually very vibrant in color for a large part of the year. So I just took these pictures because my backyard is the main source of my itchiness...but it is hard to be angry when it is so pretty.

Cooper loves Paperlili!

So we had to doggie sit my mom's dogs for a couple days and everytime I turned around Cooper her little Havanese was at my feet...or right behind me. There was a point that he had his head laying on my foot pedal of my sewing machine. Anyways. I guess he decided that he liked the new fabrics I was trying out.