I am running out of time.


This is week is so jammed packed of goodness it will fly by and I am not prepared. We are heading north to cooler climates Sunday...which means I have to get all my orders done by thursday, so they can ship friday because there is no mail delivery on Sat. Great. NOT. OHMYGAWD. It will get done. If I have to pull a couple all nighters I will...I can catch up on my sleep during the drive. That is not a problem. The USPS calendar this week is my problem. Are they kidding me?

I also have my daughters birthday coming up on friday. This is a wonderful thing except that every item I have ordered for it...has not arrived yet. Not even kidding on that one. Hopefully by thursday it will all come together. If not...well..there is no if not...do you know what 9 year olds are like? So please cross your fingers for me that I can pull something outta my hat this week. I have SOOOO much to do.

Please note that all orders placed in July will ship the first week in August. I sooo understand not wanting to wait 4 weeks for an item...but that is the best I can do. I would however still place your order because I will process them in the order I receive them and so if you are needing that Kindergarten Rocks tee for the second week in August...place your order soon...because I don't like getting yelled at;)


Pat pat pat

Can you hear me patting my own back? I asked my friend Robin this yesterday. Like me, she works like a fool making fun stuff. Why do we do this? Because every once in awhile we impress even ourselves. Ha. There I said it. Would I make stuff I didn't like? No. Would I work from sun up until sundown blinging goods if I wasn't proud of it when it was done? No. Trust me. If you saw what I had to go through to make this stuff, you would be scratching your head. Or at the very least you would think I was a nut. This however, I believe, is that makes my goods stand out from the other "bling". I am not really a big lover of bling...unless it is used in a total non-cheesy way. I hope I accomplish that. If I don't...don't tell me because I think this week I officially set my 3 millionth rhinestone. I am not even kidding. Yes I do it all by hand. Anyways. I made some new name tees last night. Thus the pat pat pat of my own back. I do have a small child here that would pat it for me...but I am not sure she appreciates what it is for...I'll take it though;)

The tees and tanks are up on the site. The headbands are not. I made these three for a friend. I was just trying something and I have not mastered it yet...in other words...I burnt the flip out of my fingers and well...I need a new system with dealing with small items like headbands. Of course I still have the regular rhinestone headbands.


Do you have a size 6 chick?

I only made one of these. I was going to take it to the Scottsdale store for their display but I have not made it there yet...gah. So you guys get first dibs...and I will take it next week if noone else needs a lil holiday bling.

Okee...they are now listed...

check out the new goodies here.

Come back in a couple hours ok...

So I am onto something a little bit new...but oh so fabulous. I am leaving town in a week so these will only be available for a couple days. I have made a small handful of new lovelies and I will list them on my site today. I just have to put the finishing touches on a couple of them and take some pictures. I will list them through the weekend and then whatever is left I think I will take to my shop in Scottsdale and she can sell them while I am gone. We will see. Because my mind changes with the weather...even I don't know what I am going to do. So. Here is a little peek of whats to come in a couple hours.


Good Sale Time...

For all you with little chicks...American Eagle is having a very good sale this week. If you have a little girl who wears sizes 2-6...there is tons of good stuff there. Like this Hoodie. It was $34.50 and now it is $7.77...everything in their shop is $7.77...get it...their store is called 77kids. Anyways...it is worth a look. They do have bigger sizes...but I would get there fast because they are selling out quickly at that price.



I have had so many people ask me about the Matilda Jane Hungry. tanks that I did for The Beasts partay. Well I don't have it available on that exact tank because that was a Matilda Jane tank...but I can do it on a different tank or a tee. Remember...even if you don't see it in the shop...that doesn't mean I don't do it...all it means is I was to lazy to list it!

Big & Little Sister Tank Now Available...

Birthday Kid!

Jodie did it again. In her true fabulousness...she delivered.

Presenting...Bat Dog!

Our goldendoodles true identity has been revealed after a major haircut.

A little break for water fun...

Happy Father's day!


I am speechless...

I get alot of people asking me for larger sizes for girls. I go up to size 12 now...but I think I could go a little higher. Teens love to Sparkle and we know they sure have alot to say. So I thought I would give you a lil taste of whats to come in the teeny blingy scene-y. Jodie Goodison is an absolute rockstar. These photos leave me speechless. I heart them more than I heart cupcakes...and we all know that is alot. I just want to stare at these pics all day. So I will put them up here and we can all look at them lol. I will list some items for teens really soon. If you need them sooner...let me know. We can work something out I am sure;)


Summer make-up

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized that my SUMMER look is so much easier than my WINTER look. Basically, I have more color in summer thus I ditch the foundations, bronzer...and basically everything other than my cleansers and moisturizer....annnnnnddddd...one lil doozy from Bobbi Brown. The lip, cheek, eye, everything pot rouge in powder pink. It is the absolute PERFECT color...and in 3.2 seconds, I look pulled together, are at least I look presentable. I am not exaggerating, it really is that good. You may have to just trust me on this one. The photo is not of the pink one I have...but maybe your "perfect" color is not pink...however I guarantee you can find as much happiness with one of the other colors.


Pie Recipe...Win a MY KIDS ROCK SHIRT!

Ok...here is the Pie recipe. My mom used to make this pie all the time. She uses a regular pie crust, I prefer graham cracker crust. Either works just fine.

Here is what you need

- pre made pie crust (I told you I don't bake)
- 3-4 containers of philly cream cheese (what you thought this was a diet pie?)
- one container of frozen orange juice concentrate
- orange peel (seasoning...its in the spice aisle)
- sugar
- any fruit for topping...the raspberries were so HUGE at Target the other day I could not resist...and I think I like them better than just plain strawberry
- strawberry jam
- milk or cream

1. in a big bowl dump all the cream cheese
2. sprinkle in some orange peel
3. add three or four scoops of orange concentrate
4. add a cup of sugar
5. add a half cup of milk or cream

blend this all with a mixer...taste and see if it is sweet enough. If it isn't...dump in more sugar (I just made Martha Stewart cringe) if you want more orangey flavor...add another scoop of the juice. The half cup of mild may not be enough to get a nice smooth consistency so you have to play this one by site and taste. Add a little more at a time until you get it nice and smooth. Not watery...just smooth.

when you like your mix, pour it into the pie crust...smooth out and then the fun happens. Make any design you would like on top with your berries.

- after you have the berries done. Take about 3/4 of a cup of strawberry jam (you can use any kind of jam, blackberry would be good as well) and microwave it to melt it a little. Then brush it on top of the berries as a glaze.

Pop it in the fridge for a couple hours and BAMM...(lol) good to go. Fooled them again.

My dad likes his pie with whipping cream on top...that may be pushing it a tad but how bad could it be;)

Ok...now you guys have to make the pie, the bbq and the cole slaw and send me pictures. I will post them. We can have a contest for the prettiest pie! Winner gets a My Kids Rock tee! You have until July 1st to send me a picture okee!

Due to popular demand...lol...here ya go

So I have had a few people ask me for the recipes for both the pie...and the bbq pork.
Please keep in mind that I am not a cook or a baker...or a proud member of the exact measurements club. So...all info given is totally out of my head...basically I just add until it tastes good. Okee...now that I have cleared that up.

BBQ Pork:

-I always buy two large pork roasts, and it is way too much...but apparently I am an extreme foodie and I cannot stop myself at just one roast.

-one large yellow onion, I like Vidalia because I like sweet

-2 bottles of your favorite bbq sauce

-salt and pepper

voila (told you it was easy cheesy)

-Toss the pork into a slow cooker
-add lots of salt and pepper to taste
-chop up the onion nice and fine...toss it in
-dump the bottles of bbq sauce in
-cook on high for an hour
-then cook on medium-low for 4 hours

after 4 hours or so, take the pork out and it should be tender enough for you to "pull" apart with a fork...so pull away...then toss it back into the cooker, mix around and cook for another hour or so. Ding. Done. Could NOT be any easier, and again, people will think you know what you are doing. Which I don't. But I bet you do.


I have been meaning to list these...

...I found some scarves a couple months ago. 7 scarves actually. 2 of each color...and then one more that is red, white and blue. Well. I am keeping one of each color for myself AND the red, white and blue one...because they really are that dreamy. They are HUGE and so incredibly soft...and so great with a white tank and some jeans. Hello. Cuteness! Anyways. I put a lil bling bling on them. Made them super groovy sparkly. I apologize for the horrible pictures...I will try for better ones tomorrow. In the mean time, I have listed the three scarves in my esty shop and I promise you will not be dissapointed in these.

Look what I just whipped up.

Let me start this with...I don't cook like...ever. So now that we have that all cleared up. My inlaws are coming today and I wanted to make a lil sumpin' in case anyone was hungry later. So I made some pulled pork bbq...AND my secret cole slaw...AND for dessert...this little orange creamcheese pie. MMMM. They better get here soon because I want a piece...like now.

If you need something to take to the family BBQ...

...I don't like Cole Slaw. In fact I hate it. BUT...I wanted to make some a couple months ago to go with the pulled pork bbq I was making. So I bought these ingredients thinking how bad can it be. Well. OMG...best salad EVER. This is the salad you will take to the BBQ and everyone will have to know how you made it. It can be your secret salad. Ha. Just chop up the apple. Toss it into a big bowl with the bag of broccoli slaw...the entire bag of cranberries and the entire jar of dressing. Trust me on this one. I am never wrong. Ha.


Todays Cutie is...2!!

Thank you Jennifer and Little Miss 2 Delaney!


Yes...more food.

Its because at night I get hungry.

Awww..who am I kidding. Its because I LOVE cupcakes. Seriously love them.

Check out these fun books. I need the Martha Stewart one...like today I need it. But it is 9:30pm. So tomorrow I need it.

Now my sister said it actually wasn't that good but...

...it sure looks pretty. I am not a marshmallow sorta chick...but I can still appreciate fine food when I see it. My sister made this yesterday on the bbq. I don't know...but how bad could it actually be?

Yes...it is THE shirt for the poor middle kiddy-poo

No longer is the middle child nameless...in fact she pulls double duty! She is now both the big AND the little sister. Lemons out of lemonade people. Gotta make the middle child feel important too! Get your big or little or big AND little sister tees here.

Happy Customers...

I have nothing really new to post today...so I am going to post a super cute pic of the newest members of the Paperlili family! I have/had a bunch of new pictures and I cannot find them! I swear I have about 10000 photos on my computer...no joking. So please send me any pictures of you or your kids in Paperlili goods. I love seeing them. And if you have recently sent me pictures...I can't find them. So please email them to me again!


Could I be any more random??? Never mind.

I know. My blog is all over the place. Ya well...so is my head. Not to mention my tummy. OOOOOO...sugar free candies are nooooot good for you. I had one too many 36 hours ago and I am still paying the price. My tummy all out HURTS.

Anyways. I was forced to leave my home today and venture to the grocery store. When I was getting dressed I decided to try these that I had purchased awhile ago and totally forgot about them. In fact, I may have blogged about them. Hadn't tried them yet...just loved the concept. WELL...let me tell YOU...they are goood. Genius I say. Honestly. I have a black one and a charcoal one. I think I need a white and maybe some fun color. My point is. It works. It is comfy. And well...it WORKS. No joking. Everything it says it does...it does. You need one.

...genius. Why didn't I think of that? Oprah would love these. These women need to be on Oprah.

In fact. I think I need a white one to give to my friend Robin so she can tie dye it pink and brown...or something fun. That sticking out from under a black tee!



I am not one to stop dead in my tracks for magazine covers. Can I appreciate the beauty of a couture gown on the cover of Vogue? Sure I can. Do I think about it longer than .3 seconds? Nah. I am just not that gal. But this month I was stopped twice. TWICE. Maybe it was because I too have my fair share of "western" wear in my closet. Or maybe it was because both said cover models are older than I. Or maybe it was because they are just two simply stunning women looking a couple steps more glamorous than most SAHM's. Not sure. Yes...the styling of both photos is similar. But still...all I know is that I stopped longer than .3 seconds.


88 cents...are you kidding me???

Had 4 million errands to run this morning so I decided to treat the girls to an ice cream cone. Stopped at Baskin Robbins...which we have driven past 2393 times and never gone in...and WHAT THE... 88 cent magic sprinkles ice cream cone. Seriously. Nothing is 88 cents. The treat stop cost me a whole $1.98. Happy girls...happy wallet...happy me. Niiice.


My new favorite outfit for my little bohemian chick...

peek...aren't you curious summer 2009...I love it all.

We got the Mexico top in yellow and the Mexico Dress in turquoise..but I think we need another top in pink or green...I can't decide though.

I will say that I love their denim more than any other brand. It is that soft and comfy. So these are my little chicks version of this summer's "boyfriend" jean. Are they not soooo cute???! Everything is cute in size 6.


Pint Sized Social

ahhhh...I knew I would remember my other shout out this week. Pint Sized Social. You need to go there...sign up for the newsletter...they have good "perks" for subscribers. Love PERKS. Anywhoo...got a nice write up on my Kapow boys tee. Seriously...I love those tees. I only do them up to size 5...do you think I need to do larger sizes? Honest opinion time. Would you get one for your 8 year old boy? I don't have boys...so I have no idea. It would have to be done on a different tee because that tee does not go any bigger...and that to me is part of the charm...I LOVE that tee. It is vintagey soft with frayed little edges. Just a cool kid shirt. I do it in a Birthday Kid shirt as well.

Thank you Pint Sized Social...I love ya!

Open Sundaes...yum

I think I have posted about Open Sundaes before...but I was just sniffing my hair and thinking...this stuff really...yum! I love it. Yes...I will admit I am a sucker for cute packaging. And there is NO chance that I could physically walk past an Open Sundaes store and not go in. No chance. I bet you couldn't either. Could it be ANY cuter? The colors! I love it all. BUT...the best part is that all the products I have purchased...I have loved. The hair powder so far, is my favorite.

I have not tried the White cake bath mix yet or the lip gloss...they do sound pretty fantastic. I will let you know. I plan on stocking up when I head to Canada in a couple weeks. Yes, you can purchase online or find a store near you in the states that sells it...but they have a good selection in the Bay in Calgary and I plan on stocking up. My kids love it too. I have trained them well...sad really...I have probably created two little product monsters.

Maybe I should carry it in my lil shoppe...hmmmm. I really would like to carry a few of my "favorite things". Not sure where I would stop.

If you are on facebook, you can join the Open Sundaes fan page here.