Pint Sized Social

ahhhh...I knew I would remember my other shout out this week. Pint Sized Social. You need to go there...sign up for the newsletter...they have good "perks" for subscribers. Love PERKS. Anywhoo...got a nice write up on my Kapow boys tee. Seriously...I love those tees. I only do them up to size 5...do you think I need to do larger sizes? Honest opinion time. Would you get one for your 8 year old boy? I don't have boys...so I have no idea. It would have to be done on a different tee because that tee does not go any bigger...and that to me is part of the charm...I LOVE that tee. It is vintagey soft with frayed little edges. Just a cool kid shirt. I do it in a Birthday Kid shirt as well.

Thank you Pint Sized Social...I love ya!

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katie w said...

Please....please...pretty please! I would love to buy your awesome tee's in a size 8. I find it terribly hard to find cool, unique shirts for my older boys. Your things rock. You can for sure count me in as a customer for those larger sizes.