Could I be any more random??? Never mind.

I know. My blog is all over the place. Ya well...so is my head. Not to mention my tummy. OOOOOO...sugar free candies are nooooot good for you. I had one too many 36 hours ago and I am still paying the price. My tummy all out HURTS.

Anyways. I was forced to leave my home today and venture to the grocery store. When I was getting dressed I decided to try these that I had purchased awhile ago and totally forgot about them. In fact, I may have blogged about them. Hadn't tried them yet...just loved the concept. WELL...let me tell YOU...they are goood. Genius I say. Honestly. I have a black one and a charcoal one. I think I need a white and maybe some fun color. My point is. It works. It is comfy. And well...it WORKS. No joking. Everything it says it does...it does. You need one.

...genius. Why didn't I think of that? Oprah would love these. These women need to be on Oprah.

In fact. I think I need a white one to give to my friend Robin so she can tie dye it pink and brown...or something fun. That sticking out from under a black tee!


Anonymous said...

Tie dyed would be very cute! I would most definitely dye whatever you wish :)
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

I was trying to remember what these were called the other day! I wanted one! Thanks for the re-blog!!!

Betsy King