88 cents...are you kidding me???

Had 4 million errands to run this morning so I decided to treat the girls to an ice cream cone. Stopped at Baskin Robbins...which we have driven past 2393 times and never gone in...and WHAT THE... 88 cent magic sprinkles ice cream cone. Seriously. Nothing is 88 cents. The treat stop cost me a whole $1.98. Happy girls...happy wallet...happy me. Niiice.


Courtney said...

Cool! That looks like a crowd pleaser!

Anonymous said...

Cristy, I got the tank and the special surprise!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! My 2-year old loves it and slept in it last night. Everyone oooo's and ahhh'd over her in it, so she thought she was the SHIZZZ. Thanks again!