Are you a Cupcake Expert?

I am not sure if you are all aware of my etsy shop. I think I have done a fabulous job of confusing everyone royally. I get emails all the time from etsy peeps asking me if I can do other rhinestone tees...because clearly I have not done a good job of combining my two shops. I am on it. Kinda. I will have all my rhinestone stuff listed on my Etsy shop in the fall. In the mean time, my Etsy shop is where I list items that are not in my regular shop. See. You are now confused as well aren't you. Me too!

I think it all goes back to my identity crisis. Been having that for years. Thus the reason to drastically change my hair color every so often. Either that...or it is my attention disorder that I have self diagnosed. Whatever the case, I have some super cute ladies and kids tanks listed in the Etsy shop. Good prices. Check them out here.


Courtney V said...

Ummm, I think your identity crisis is from being born on Aug.7 because I have the same problem...ie. 3 blogs about three different topics...why I seperate them, I don't know??!!

Kimmy said...

I just recently bought a shirt from you for my son and I had to tell you how much we LOVE it! Its sooooo stinkin cute!!!! I can't wait to buy more!! :)

Heather said...

Leila wore her cupcake expert tank today!