Holy greasy hair...

Since I colored my hair...and well...even before that, it is quite possible that I could be mistaken for a broom. Talk about damage. This is the first time since highschool that I have had longer hair. Long damaged hair. Not a good look.

I bought Ojon Hair Restorative Treatment the other day at Sephora. I only purchased the small container because it is expensive and I wanted to make sure it was worth it. Well...it is SOOOO worth it. It was even worth my public humiliation yesterday at Target when I found myself shopping with the greasiest hair EVER. I had coated my hair in the morning with the hair goo, planning to wash it out in the afternoon. Ya. Well. Lets just say I survived and thank god noone saw me. It was really bad.

I did shower before bed, sleeping with a fairly wet head, and woke up with super soft hair. SUPER soft. So. Yes...the large bottle is totally worth it if you too are a broom head. I am now a believer.


Lyra said...

Good to know! I've seen this product on QVC and I've been tempted to buy it.

Anonymous said...

ok..i had to come back to your blog to find this. lol I def. have to pick this up today!