ooooo...more shoutouts...those make me happy;)

First we have Courtney from Giftfully Simple...a wonderful blog that you need to bookmark because she finds good stuff.

Then we have Posh Little...another super fun site...and look at little Miles there in the Rockstar shirt. There will be plenty more boys shirts coming in the fall. I can't stop myself. I love seeing little funky dudes in my goods.

I think there was one more this week and my brain is mush...possibly from wasting 2 hours watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Seriously...what is UP with Speidi? Those two I just don't get. I'm so out of it. I used to read Perez hourly...now weeks go by before I find even a moment to read him. And yet...my brain (and my butt) are more mushy now than ever...hmmm...interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I second Giftfully Simple!
That shit is awesome. :)