Summer make-up

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized that my SUMMER look is so much easier than my WINTER look. Basically, I have more color in summer thus I ditch the foundations, bronzer...and basically everything other than my cleansers and moisturizer....annnnnnddddd...one lil doozy from Bobbi Brown. The lip, cheek, eye, everything pot rouge in powder pink. It is the absolute PERFECT color...and in 3.2 seconds, I look pulled together, are at least I look presentable. I am not exaggerating, it really is that good. You may have to just trust me on this one. The photo is not of the pink one I have...but maybe your "perfect" color is not pink...however I guarantee you can find as much happiness with one of the other colors.

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Anonymous said...

I too use the pot rouge from Bobbi Brown. I LOVE it!! Great for summer!