Open Sundaes...yum

I think I have posted about Open Sundaes before...but I was just sniffing my hair and thinking...this stuff really...yum! I love it. Yes...I will admit I am a sucker for cute packaging. And there is NO chance that I could physically walk past an Open Sundaes store and not go in. No chance. I bet you couldn't either. Could it be ANY cuter? The colors! I love it all. BUT...the best part is that all the products I have purchased...I have loved. The hair powder so far, is my favorite.

I have not tried the White cake bath mix yet or the lip gloss...they do sound pretty fantastic. I will let you know. I plan on stocking up when I head to Canada in a couple weeks. Yes, you can purchase online or find a store near you in the states that sells it...but they have a good selection in the Bay in Calgary and I plan on stocking up. My kids love it too. I have trained them well...sad really...I have probably created two little product monsters.

Maybe I should carry it in my lil shoppe...hmmmm. I really would like to carry a few of my "favorite things". Not sure where I would stop.

If you are on facebook, you can join the Open Sundaes fan page here.


Heather said...

Hmmm...never heard of the brand, but just checked out the website and it looks like they have some yummy things!

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. Doesn't irrate my skin at all! Even with my exzema.