Happy Saturday!

If you have to wear glasses...you might as well wear the funkiest ones you can find. Poor kid can't see 2 feet in front of herself without her regular prescription. It just dawned on me the other day that she should probably have prescription sunglasses. We live in Arizona for goodness sakes. I didn't even know Ray Ban made kid glasses...but thankful that they do.

Here is a picture of our Havanese Roofus the suntanning dog. Actually he is just waiting for someone to toss his ball. This dog is THE best ball fetcher ever...the only problem is he does not get tired.

And a picture of Lili loo. She went to her friend Morgan's birthday party today. It was a Pink Star Wars party. Much to my shagrin my husband pulled out his old Starwars tee from 1935 and well...it fit. So a couple rhinestones later and voila...we have a perfect pink starwars shirt. Very festive. I did actually make the birthday girl a pink Star Wars shirt of her own...however as per usual, I did not think to photograph it. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Those sunglasses are HOT!!!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are gorgeous!
That first pic looks like an ad! I love it.


Courtney V said...

OMG!!! Just wait till you see a pic of our (late) dog Sunny...talk about the Twilight Zone!!! I'll find one and send it to you!