I am running out of time.


This is week is so jammed packed of goodness it will fly by and I am not prepared. We are heading north to cooler climates Sunday...which means I have to get all my orders done by thursday, so they can ship friday because there is no mail delivery on Sat. Great. NOT. OHMYGAWD. It will get done. If I have to pull a couple all nighters I will...I can catch up on my sleep during the drive. That is not a problem. The USPS calendar this week is my problem. Are they kidding me?

I also have my daughters birthday coming up on friday. This is a wonderful thing except that every item I have ordered for it...has not arrived yet. Not even kidding on that one. Hopefully by thursday it will all come together. If not...well..there is no if not...do you know what 9 year olds are like? So please cross your fingers for me that I can pull something outta my hat this week. I have SOOOO much to do.

Please note that all orders placed in July will ship the first week in August. I sooo understand not wanting to wait 4 weeks for an item...but that is the best I can do. I would however still place your order because I will process them in the order I receive them and so if you are needing that Kindergarten Rocks tee for the second week in August...place your order soon...because I don't like getting yelled at;)

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