Due to popular demand...lol...here ya go

So I have had a few people ask me for the recipes for both the pie...and the bbq pork.
Please keep in mind that I am not a cook or a baker...or a proud member of the exact measurements club. So...all info given is totally out of my head...basically I just add until it tastes good. Okee...now that I have cleared that up.

BBQ Pork:

-I always buy two large pork roasts, and it is way too much...but apparently I am an extreme foodie and I cannot stop myself at just one roast.

-one large yellow onion, I like Vidalia because I like sweet

-2 bottles of your favorite bbq sauce

-salt and pepper

voila (told you it was easy cheesy)

-Toss the pork into a slow cooker
-add lots of salt and pepper to taste
-chop up the onion nice and fine...toss it in
-dump the bottles of bbq sauce in
-cook on high for an hour
-then cook on medium-low for 4 hours

after 4 hours or so, take the pork out and it should be tender enough for you to "pull" apart with a fork...so pull away...then toss it back into the cooker, mix around and cook for another hour or so. Ding. Done. Could NOT be any easier, and again, people will think you know what you are doing. Which I don't. But I bet you do.

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Anonymous said...

I Don't mind cooking. Im sure if i were better at it I would love it. lol

Im going to try the smores this weekend. My son thought it looked awesome.