Pie Recipe...Win a MY KIDS ROCK SHIRT!

Ok...here is the Pie recipe. My mom used to make this pie all the time. She uses a regular pie crust, I prefer graham cracker crust. Either works just fine.

Here is what you need

- pre made pie crust (I told you I don't bake)
- 3-4 containers of philly cream cheese (what you thought this was a diet pie?)
- one container of frozen orange juice concentrate
- orange peel (seasoning...its in the spice aisle)
- sugar
- any fruit for topping...the raspberries were so HUGE at Target the other day I could not resist...and I think I like them better than just plain strawberry
- strawberry jam
- milk or cream

1. in a big bowl dump all the cream cheese
2. sprinkle in some orange peel
3. add three or four scoops of orange concentrate
4. add a cup of sugar
5. add a half cup of milk or cream

blend this all with a mixer...taste and see if it is sweet enough. If it isn't...dump in more sugar (I just made Martha Stewart cringe) if you want more orangey flavor...add another scoop of the juice. The half cup of mild may not be enough to get a nice smooth consistency so you have to play this one by site and taste. Add a little more at a time until you get it nice and smooth. Not watery...just smooth.

when you like your mix, pour it into the pie crust...smooth out and then the fun happens. Make any design you would like on top with your berries.

- after you have the berries done. Take about 3/4 of a cup of strawberry jam (you can use any kind of jam, blackberry would be good as well) and microwave it to melt it a little. Then brush it on top of the berries as a glaze.

Pop it in the fridge for a couple hours and BAMM...(lol) good to go. Fooled them again.

My dad likes his pie with whipping cream on top...that may be pushing it a tad but how bad could it be;)

Ok...now you guys have to make the pie, the bbq and the cole slaw and send me pictures. I will post them. We can have a contest for the prettiest pie! Winner gets a My Kids Rock tee! You have until July 1st to send me a picture okee!

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Lauri said...

I have soooo many parties to make this for! Promise to send you a pic and any props!!