Well now...this week could have gone smoother I think

eh...not sure.
It did kinda stink.
Let's put it this way...I got railroaded 6 ways from sunday this week.
I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but I know when I am being taken.
Let that be known. So if you think you are pulling a fast one on me.
You're not.  Sometimes it is just easier to give in.
'nuff said.  You probably know who you are if you are reading this.
I am sick of it though.  Gotta tell ya.

Oh...I did get yelled at by a store this week.
Ya.  That was uncalled for.
We aren't going to let that happen again.
The moral of the story is you get more honey with sugar than vinegar.
So please don't yell at me.

Hey...since I am dishing stuff out right now (bare with me...this is my therapy at the moment)
I gotta tell you a funny story (cough cough)
so...before xmas a "friend" who lives close, emailed me asking if I had a tee for her childs upcoming b-day.  Um...well.  Let me think.  Probably.
So I said "yes" and I left it outside my front door all packaged up like I do for all "orders" and said friend apparently came one day and picked it up.
Ya.  So...ok...did I get a thank you?  Did I get a "how much do I owe you?" 
So I emailed a couple weeks later to make sure she got it.
Not even an 
"oops I am so sorry, what a turkey I am...I didn't even thank you for my free shirt that I ordered"
HA.  People never fail to let me down I tell you.

Moving on to happier things now.
Thank you for listening.  
I do know that 99.9% of the chicks I have dealt with are truly truly good people.
It is just funny when you see peoples true colors.
Hm.  Funny is probably not the correct term.

Anyways.  So last night I thought it would be fun to make a few doll tees.
I listed 9 of them.
They were gone in less that a minute.
I did learn that my website cannot handle that.
No worries...newer bigger things in the future and hopefully it will be able to handle that.
Here were some of the tees.
(if you missed them...I promise to make more)
I want the striped tee in my size...unfortunately it would only fit my havanese Roofus.

Yesterday was also school project day.
We had 3 to do.
(1)  hat
(1) teeth diorama
and these (for a book report)

You know what.  I am going to be honest.
For the first time...I did not help with the projects.
They did them all themselves.
If you do not know what the sock puppets are it is a mouse and a porcupine.
I figured I needed some valentine decor around here.
I also figured I would test my will power with an easy pour container full of m & m's.
I guarantee I will throw them out by sunday because lets face it...I am the one that will be eating them.
aaaaaand...I skipped my Christmas "peeps in a jar" decor.  I just wasn't feelin' it.
But I brought them back because I cannot resist sparkly vanilla heart peeps or ones that say I love u.
I mean I cannot resist shoving them them in a jar.  I can totally resist eating those.
Ew ew ew.  I hate marshmallows.
Yes that is a $4 table cloth from Target.  
Cheesy?  Ohh ya.  But isn't most Valentine's decor?
Think about it.

So, I am currently dyeing "something" that I can't tell you about yet.
But I had an AHA moment the other day along with a "why did I not think of that before" moment and with a little luck, I will have something to show you this weekend.

Oooo...I forgot to mention the rest of my "friend" story.
It's good.
But I have to first tell you that I got an email yesterday from Jeni and it was so sweet
and I just want to say thank you.  
I tell you...one nice email from a reader, customer, friend erases all the bad stuff before it.
It's true.
It's kinda like a quick compliment to anyone...and you just see them light up.

So just to let my "friend" know...the one that is now avoiding me.
Yes...we saw you pretend to be fishing for something in your purse at xmas time and literally
breeze right past us into a restaurant.
It was a scene right out of a seinfeld episode.
I thought it was pretty funny.

This was all over a $25 tee.

All I needed was a thank you.
Thank you's go a long way.


If I was to throw a Valentine's party

The invites would look like these:

or these from TomKat Studios
Or maybe these from Tiny Prints
the decorations would look include stuff like this

and these
and these
the food would include these

(which I will have one anyways because I have not had a cupcake in about 3 months!)

or these
 they would not include these:(  Because there is not a hope of me making them and well...
Bakerella doesn't ship:(
Oh how I wish she shipped...but can you imagine the wait list!

and mmmm...yummy

and honestly...if this was sitting on my desk I would eat up all cookie monster style...no joke
Ok. I will be back tomorrow with my Valentine gift finds for
annnnd WOMEN!


Shaun T is lucky he is cute

So I am only halfway through the day and so far it has been a bust.
I have worked my schedule so that I do my torture after I drop the kids off at school.
Then I am done and showered and ready to go by 9...
and since I work until 10-11 pm ...that is plenty I think.
Today was good.
Monday morning.
I got some new kicks yesterday.
Totally ugly...but strangely comfy.
Ya I have cankles...sooooo

Back to my point.
So I managed 20 minutes of insanity (literally...insanity) and I was doing so much better this week.
Then wham...out of the blue...extreme pain.
Not sure if I have ever mentioned on here that I have had severe endometriosis in the past.
It dates back to junior high.
Not good.  Many hospital stays.
Ovarian cyst rupture.
It has been better since I had kids. Having kids kinda cured me for a few years.
That was until this past year and omg...OMG.
So 20 minutes of feeling great was quickly squashed by intense pain this morning and once again...I was stuck in the fetal position on the ground while I crawled to the medicine cabinet to get some painkillers and a heating pad.

Darnit.  What a waste of time that was.

Now that it is noon and my meds have kicked in and I can somewhat function, I am prepared for a crappy week since that is usually how long this lasts and grrrr...it sucks.

On a lighter note...I hung my painting.
And now that I am blonde again...it kinda looks like me.  
That alcove is about 7 feet tall...so it is really cool in person.
Makes me smile.

Something that makes my kids smile is the accessories department at forever 21.
They really do have the best selection of cheap costume jewelry.
Peyton likes to wear fun necklaces, bracelets etc to school.
Here is a sample of what is laying around my kitchen table at any given time.

Clearly we are not the only ones obsessed with their accessories since 
the selection literally changes day to day.

Ok then.  
I am off to make something...not sure what...but one of my most favorite people in the world gave birth to a little princess last night and she needs something sparkly don't you think?

owwww...apparently this is going to be a double dose of meds sorta day.


Just so I can say I managed 3 in a row.

Wow.  3 days blogging in a row.
Not that I have much to say.
I really just wanted to share this photo.
If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that my daughter sees hearts.
Literally.  In everything. 
And now, I have customers that send me photos of hearts they see.
I love that.  

Today...it was the tip of the soap bottle.
That is most certainly a heart.
She literally oozes love.
The kid is a walking heart.
It reminds me of one of our favorite books.
Because I like the photos.
And secretly...it reminds me of her.
It kinda even looks like her.
As you can probably imagine...Valentine's Day is big for her.

So other than pressing 110 items today, shipping 45 packages tonight and somehow passing out for a 45 minute nap on the couch....and I mean passing out. 
I was talking to Peyton about her sleep over last night and bam. Out like a light.
Which actually reminds me.
Sleep overs suck.
You get your kid back and they are grumpy and tired and geez louise.
Sure they had fun...but I am going to make a tee that says

I just came 
home from a

Ya.  That says that.

This weekend...we planted a couple plants.
beautiful huh
um...ya.  Ok so they are metal.  Whatever.  I kill plants.
I am not good with them.
Not ones that I have to remember to water.
So these are the perfect plants for us.
We did plant some strawberries though.
Totally forgot to water them today.
They will probably be dead by tomorrow.

I think I need to make more of an effort in the plant department.
Do you have plants in your house?
I don't have one.
Is that strange? Now that I write that out...it kinda seems strange.
I should get some plants.
And fish.

Wow.  I am just rambling again.
I need to continue my nap from this morning.
So before I go to sleep...I will leave you with these new items.
They are not listed yet, I will list them tomorrow.

I now have doll tees.
I am not sure how I am going to work these.
I kinda just want to bling them all out myself and list them.
We will see.  
Oh and one more.
Hmmm...wonder if I can make it 4 days in a row.
I am not that interesting...so I am going to guess no.  But you never know what
I come up with tomorrow.




Wow. Two days in a row blogging? Wha???

Well look at me go.
Do I have time to be blogging right now? No.
But I am here. I need a little break from work work.
Plus...as we all know...my blogging comes and goes in waves...so this probably won't last. 
Or it might.
Who knows.

I did just list some super cute hair clips.
If you are not familiar with Details hair clips then be prepared to become addicted.
My girls have several.  Been collecting over the last couple years.
I do love them.  I mean THEY do love them.
Details sell mainly personalized clips with lots of cute holiday ones,
but I like to get a little cheeky with cute words.
I am not going to carry the personalized ones yet.  I don't think.
Not sure how I would handle that.
I like to have stuff in stock so I can ship when ordered.
So for now, I have these ones.
So basically, I have stocked up on my favorites:)

Hmm...what else.
Oh.  SOMEONE (cough cough Dacia cough cough) is sending me subliminal messages via
her mailing list.  
It worked...I need that tee...or I need it on a bucket...or something.  
Ooooo...a plate.  Yes. I need it on a plate.

I have been spotting several cute things all over the net these days.
Can someone please make me one of these?

Speaking of adorable...check out this doll bedding set from ZozoBugBaby.
Seriously...this is darling.

I need one of these Bamboletta Dolls.
I have no idea how you get your hands on one.
But the funky hair...the hair is awesome.
Look at all the colors in her hair!
I need one with pink/teal hair to be my friend in my office.
Yes...I said my friend.  Don't judge me.

Ok...now I gotta get back to work...but I am going to leave you with this video.
I saw it a week ago and I really could watch it over and over again.
Beyond inspiring.


Hmmm...maybe I went too far this time

With my nail fetish that is.
It all started with an ad.
An ad on tuesday.  Ainsley brought it to me.
It was an ad with a whole bunch o sparkly nails.
It was love at first site.  
I figured it was something that was not going to be available until spring or so.
Much to my surprise, a quick trip to the grocery store and...heaven.
So I tried them.  And my nails are a little insane now.
But...they work.  It feels like polish.
Looks like I spend too much time on my nails, which is really funny because they were 
probably quicker than putting on regular polish and letting them dry.
Go figure.
and here is the result...again...excuse my old wrinkled hands.
I moisturize, I promise I do.
Kinda fun huh.  For a 13 year old!
Which is basically how I feel anyways so whatever.  
The package contains 16 nails.  2 sets of 8.
But my fingers are so small that I actually only used 5 strips for all 10 of my fingers.
I kinda wanna try them on my toes.  Not sure if they would work.

Ok.  Enough about nails.
So our bbq that I mentioned a couple weeks ago was finished.
It looks lovely.

The tile I love.  I need more of it!  MORE OF IT!
I bought some of them at Anthropologie and they are awesome.

Now I don't hate my backyard.  Yay!
Tonight we bbq'd this thing (sorry if you are veggitarian and this grosses you out)

Uh ya.  That was a 16 lb prime rib that my mom bought for some company and they never got around to cooking it...so it came here tonight to christen the bbq.
I will be eating prime rib all week.
Which is actually fine since I have been doing this for the past 2 1/2 weeks...and all I have is a bigger 
a**.  No joke. I swear to you I could be a body builder if I wanted to.
Which I don't.  But building muscle has never been a problem.
The problem is that I would prefer to be a lean mean machine.
Not in my cards I don't think.
I do have the start of the return of my 6 pack.
I enjoy me some ab workouts I tell you...but that is only because I have always had a flat tummy,
no idea why...maybe because the flab always just goes to my butt and thighs.
But tummy issues have never been a problem.
HOWEVER!  Clearly I am willing to work this program and it is not helping me yet!

So next week...it is a carb free week and we will see if that helps with my hour long sweatfest (which I kinda hate actually).  I think the love will come when I see improvements and not just tighter seven's.

I do need a new pair of sneakers though.
My nikes are rather worn and my feet hurt.
So if you have any good advice in the sneaker department...please leave a comment.

So what else was new this week.
Well.  The big chick was Pocahonatas for her Family Social Studies night.
She had to dress as a historical figure.
So I made her discover that Pocahontas was more than a Disney character:)

Nice boots huh.
Did Pocahontas wear Uggs?

So I had some new tees this week in the shop.
and for the boys
Kinda like 3D huh.

Then we have tees for all sorts of party themes:)
Oh...how about leggings with rainbow outline?
Peace...love...des moines?? lol
See all you gotta do is ask and it can be done.
Other fun stuff this week from some of my favorite photographers.
Mika Beth.
Who doesn't heart Mika Beth?
Sophie wearing this tee.
Headband by Gracylu of course.

Another favorite photog of mine.
Kate.  She and Izzy always rock it.
So it is fun to see their take on the Valentine's bling.

Don't you wish you had just an ounce of the talent these ladies have?
Well I bet some of you do actually. 
But I wish I did.

Alright it has taken me so long to write this post.
I am all over the map.
I am yawning so much that I can't see straight.
If you are on facebook, I know, I promise to list some super sweet clips tonight.
Sorry.  Too tired.  But I will list them tomorrow...along with 4 or 5 new tees.