Shaun T is lucky he is cute

So I am only halfway through the day and so far it has been a bust.
I have worked my schedule so that I do my torture after I drop the kids off at school.
Then I am done and showered and ready to go by 9...
and since I work until 10-11 pm ...that is plenty I think.
Today was good.
Monday morning.
I got some new kicks yesterday.
Totally ugly...but strangely comfy.
Ya I have cankles...sooooo

Back to my point.
So I managed 20 minutes of insanity (literally...insanity) and I was doing so much better this week.
Then wham...out of the blue...extreme pain.
Not sure if I have ever mentioned on here that I have had severe endometriosis in the past.
It dates back to junior high.
Not good.  Many hospital stays.
Ovarian cyst rupture.
It has been better since I had kids. Having kids kinda cured me for a few years.
That was until this past year and omg...OMG.
So 20 minutes of feeling great was quickly squashed by intense pain this morning and once again...I was stuck in the fetal position on the ground while I crawled to the medicine cabinet to get some painkillers and a heating pad.

Darnit.  What a waste of time that was.

Now that it is noon and my meds have kicked in and I can somewhat function, I am prepared for a crappy week since that is usually how long this lasts and grrrr...it sucks.

On a lighter note...I hung my painting.
And now that I am blonde again...it kinda looks like me.  
That alcove is about 7 feet tall...so it is really cool in person.
Makes me smile.

Something that makes my kids smile is the accessories department at forever 21.
They really do have the best selection of cheap costume jewelry.
Peyton likes to wear fun necklaces, bracelets etc to school.
Here is a sample of what is laying around my kitchen table at any given time.

Clearly we are not the only ones obsessed with their accessories since 
the selection literally changes day to day.

Ok then.  
I am off to make something...not sure what...but one of my most favorite people in the world gave birth to a little princess last night and she needs something sparkly don't you think?

owwww...apparently this is going to be a double dose of meds sorta day.


Melinda said...

I hope you feel better soon! You posted my Mrs. Moran shirt!!! I about screamed but since my daughter was sleeping I decided against. I am so excited to get it!
Thanks and take it easy :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Feel better soon and try to take it (somewhat) easy, Cristy!

And shut up -- you so do not have cankles!