A couple fun things in the shop tonight:)

I am slowly adding just a few fun add on items in my shop that well...I really like:)
Things that I think are adorable and so maybe you will as well.
These are little items that will make fun little gifts for kids...maybe I will start adding some for mom's.
But for tonight...I just added these.
First. Boo Boo Bling.
Yes.  Rhinestones that cover up your bandages.
Fancy Nancy would approve I think.

Get them here.
How about candy necklaces.
The kicker is...these are made out of wood...but look exactly like the real deal.
I love them.
Get these here.
 And...yes...I had to get the matching pacifiers.
I don't have a baby...but these almost make me want one. 

I have some other fun stuff that I will be adding in the next week or so.

I leave you with the story of blankie.
Blankie is her second favorite thing in the world.
I am her first:)
I am sure one day that will change and blankie and I will be balled up on the couch by ourselves while she is out with her next #1...but so far, blankie and I have had a good long run.
I have to say...I am not afraid to admit that sometimes, if I walk by and blankie is hanging on the back of my desk chair (which is where he sits while waiting for her at school)...I may or may not take a quick sniff of him.  He smells like her and she smells so good.

This is the updated version of blankie.
Ours is 7 years old.  And it is still soooo soft after 200 washes.

Awww...this was her with blankie when she was 2

This one was when she was about 1.

And this one was a couple years ago.

Blankie never left the house unless we were going on vacation.
He is just always there.
I wonder how long that will last.

At breakfast...he got a bath.
While she watched.
How can we keep them little forever?

She is into stripes these days.
Did you know that all stripes match no matter what color they are?


Happy Mami said...

So much sweetness! Love the blanket story, loveys are the best. Watching it in the wash, just want to cuddle her.

My sister saved my niece's (as I will when Isabella if she ever gives up "Baby"), cut a piece and tucked it in my niece's dress the day she got married. It was so sweet.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Too sweet! Gianna (so far) is totally a blanket baby. She has a handful but there is one that she loves more than all the others. Look at her 2-year-old curls...so cute! Does her hair still have any curl to it?