Tonight I feel like blogging

Hi.  It's me.  
Just popped in because my blog was looking a little aged and needed some new pretty things to spruce it up.  So.  Let's search the web a see what fabulous finds I can see that we all need.
Or need to look at.

First...my mom just showed me these tonight. How cool are they?
Little glass balls that have holes in them so you can hang them in any shape you want.
Get them here
Next...this hat.
I bought it on sale at the Free People store in the mall.
Speaking of...the Free People store could very well have the coolest furniture (not for sale I don't think)I have ever seen.  Seriously.  Amazing furniture.
It is like Anthropologie but a little more laid back.
Younger maybe?  Not sure...but whatever it is...I was digging it.
So I bought this hat at xmas time...and I have had 3 people compliment on it.
So it must be cute.  
Little did they know that I was wearing it because I didn't feel like fighting a brush through my hair.
My hair which is rediculously long and I have no idea what I am doing with it.
To go with your new cool hat...how about this scarf.
It was there as well...but I did not buy it.
I have a good handful of scarves and I never wear them.
Why?  Because
A. my hair literally forms into a huge knot at the base of my neck when I wear a scarf
B.  I do not look good in scarves.  I have not been able to nail down why it is that scarves just don't work on me.  That was until this morning. When once again I tried. I see Jessica Alba looking all fabulous in her scarves.  Like she just tossed it on and ran out the door to the playground.
Me.  Nope.  I look stupid.  But this morning I had a moment...a moment when it came to me what the problem was.  The problem is that my one kinda good attribute is my neck. I never thought of it that way...but my neck and collar bones actually need to be seen. lol.  This may sounds stupid...but if you don't see my neck and collarbones...then the fact that I have no chin is really rather obvious.
See.  So if I wear a scarf...it covers up my neck and collarbones and you are left with one big round face.
So.  Anyone want my collection of scarves? 

If I had a chin like Jessica Alba...I would totally wear this one.
Alright...enough of the cold weather stuff.
Let's talk spring.
Let's talk shoes.
I just got this email from Juicy Couture the other day.
Maybe it is because I was born in the 70's...but I LOVE these shoes.
I also love bell bottoms though. 
Bring back the 70's.  I like it. Reminds me of being a kid.
Good times.

I also really really REALLY love this dress.
I love everything about this photo actually.
But this dress.  Sigh.
Erin Fetherson for Juicy. 
The funny thing is that yes I love this dress.
And yes I love this photo.
But it also reminds me of a photo that Lyra took of my chick last June.
Lyra took about 300 perfect photos that day.
I have a good 50 perfect photos with this balloon.
She makes it impossible to choose just one. 
But you get the idea. 
I am a sucker for balloons.
I took this photo 2 years ago.
and this one
I love balloons.

Ok.  Not sure how I got off on a balloon tangent. 
Back to business.

Speaking of business.  I have lots of new designs in the shop.
And I will have tons more...TONS more.
But for now...I leave you with these...which you can check out here.
and while I am at it...here are some fabulous pictures from happy customers
this one is from Tracey.
Can you believe that she is not a professional photographer?
I know I have said it before...but honestly...I cannot explain to you how wonderful it is to get emails from happy customers.  From mom's that love their purchases enough to take photos...and send them to me.  Of little chicks that insist on wearing their sparkly tee every day.
That is awesome.  
And super cool.
And although I have never personally seen a paper lili sighting in action...(this would of course require me to leave my work and venture out into public) but my friend Robin saw two little chicks today wearing my stuff...and that made me feel...fabulous.
 Seriously...there are sooo many wonderful photos.
I need to come up with a photo contest.  
Hmmm.  It is going to have to be on facebook.  
I will figure it out tomorrow.  
I like contests. Since I hardly ever win something...the next best thing is to give away something:)


Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

I love all those blingy-tees! Love those balloons too =)

Anonymous said...

it's all very nice. I looove those shoes :D