Wow. Two days in a row blogging? Wha???

Well look at me go.
Do I have time to be blogging right now? No.
But I am here. I need a little break from work work.
Plus...as we all know...my blogging comes and goes in waves...so this probably won't last. 
Or it might.
Who knows.

I did just list some super cute hair clips.
If you are not familiar with Details hair clips then be prepared to become addicted.
My girls have several.  Been collecting over the last couple years.
I do love them.  I mean THEY do love them.
Details sell mainly personalized clips with lots of cute holiday ones,
but I like to get a little cheeky with cute words.
I am not going to carry the personalized ones yet.  I don't think.
Not sure how I would handle that.
I like to have stuff in stock so I can ship when ordered.
So for now, I have these ones.
So basically, I have stocked up on my favorites:)

Hmm...what else.
Oh.  SOMEONE (cough cough Dacia cough cough) is sending me subliminal messages via
her mailing list.  
It worked...I need that tee...or I need it on a bucket...or something.  
Ooooo...a plate.  Yes. I need it on a plate.

I have been spotting several cute things all over the net these days.
Can someone please make me one of these?

Speaking of adorable...check out this doll bedding set from ZozoBugBaby.
Seriously...this is darling.

I need one of these Bamboletta Dolls.
I have no idea how you get your hands on one.
But the funky hair...the hair is awesome.
Look at all the colors in her hair!
I need one with pink/teal hair to be my friend in my office.
Yes...I said my friend.  Don't judge me.

Ok...now I gotta get back to work...but I am going to leave you with this video.
I saw it a week ago and I really could watch it over and over again.
Beyond inspiring.

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Emom said...

TOO cute! smiles....