Courtney Courtney Love

Yes her dresses are hard to get.
Yes they are totally worth stalking her site to get one.
Yes...I had a little "in" getting this special one made...so no...there are not others like this one
(because it is made out of a handful of our own favorite old tees).
But...know that any Courtney Courtney dress you get your hands one will be a one of a kind super special item that noone else has.
'nuff said.
You see those tiles.  That is my new fireplace outside.  It should be finished tomorrow.  
It is soooooo good.  I will have finished pictures later this week.
Before and after pictures...because it is insane the difference it made in my backyard.


Emily Gorrell said...

Can I please,please,please buy that dress when your done with it, we have a few cc's but nothing like that.

Mandy Richardson said...

I have a ton of Izzy's old t-shirts/clothes that I wanted to have made into a quilt for her...wish I could sew. I am pretty sure that this is the most adorable and special thing ever! If you get rid of it you are crazy!!!! I would love to see my baby wrapped up in all of the special things she ever wore. Awesome xs a million!

Happy Mami said...

Your style is unmatched. Fabulous!!