Just so I can say I managed 3 in a row.

Wow.  3 days blogging in a row.
Not that I have much to say.
I really just wanted to share this photo.
If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that my daughter sees hearts.
Literally.  In everything. 
And now, I have customers that send me photos of hearts they see.
I love that.  

Today...it was the tip of the soap bottle.
That is most certainly a heart.
She literally oozes love.
The kid is a walking heart.
It reminds me of one of our favorite books.
Because I like the photos.
And secretly...it reminds me of her.
It kinda even looks like her.
As you can probably imagine...Valentine's Day is big for her.

So other than pressing 110 items today, shipping 45 packages tonight and somehow passing out for a 45 minute nap on the couch....and I mean passing out. 
I was talking to Peyton about her sleep over last night and bam. Out like a light.
Which actually reminds me.
Sleep overs suck.
You get your kid back and they are grumpy and tired and geez louise.
Sure they had fun...but I am going to make a tee that says

I just came 
home from a

Ya.  That says that.

This weekend...we planted a couple plants.
beautiful huh
um...ya.  Ok so they are metal.  Whatever.  I kill plants.
I am not good with them.
Not ones that I have to remember to water.
So these are the perfect plants for us.
We did plant some strawberries though.
Totally forgot to water them today.
They will probably be dead by tomorrow.

I think I need to make more of an effort in the plant department.
Do you have plants in your house?
I don't have one.
Is that strange? Now that I write that out...it kinda seems strange.
I should get some plants.
And fish.

Wow.  I am just rambling again.
I need to continue my nap from this morning.
So before I go to sleep...I will leave you with these new items.
They are not listed yet, I will list them tomorrow.

I now have doll tees.
I am not sure how I am going to work these.
I kinda just want to bling them all out myself and list them.
We will see.  
Oh and one more.
Hmmm...wonder if I can make it 4 days in a row.
I am not that interesting...so I am going to guess no.  But you never know what
I come up with tomorrow.




Happy Mami said...

I adore your posts!!! And dolly tees!! I need to make my choices and do an order. The stuff gets better and better,

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love your metal plants! And, um....that owl tee is killing me! Gianna's entire room is owls. Love!

Rochelle Anderson said...

Ok, Cristy, you should mass produce the Sleep Over tees. Us moms know all about the sleepover hangover! I sweat it takes my girly a whole day to recover!