I love the retro Valentine's themes this year

Let me just start this with...I kinda hate Valentine's Day.
I just do.  But I am not a romantic.
So that's that.
BUT...I do love Valentine's themes.
I love hearts and well...glittered hearts and candy hearts and chocolate hearts and...

But I am noticing a Retro Theme this year...and I love it. 
Because once again...it takes us right back to when we were a kid and
Valentine's looked like this.
I saw an ad for Nestle Toll House Valentines 
cookies with retro images on them.
I will hunt those down.

And these...these I need.
I mean my kids need.

And not that these are retro...but pretty darn cute.

And I leave you with this beyond fabulous Valentine Theme from TomKat Studios.
I heart Kim from TomKat.

1 comment:

Lil said...

I am not wild about Valentines day either. It may be b/c my hubby has no idea what a romantic is, so i always get left out. lol :(
I can say I too love heart and sparkle and glitter so I am not a total freak!