Well now...this week could have gone smoother I think

eh...not sure.
It did kinda stink.
Let's put it this way...I got railroaded 6 ways from sunday this week.
I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but I know when I am being taken.
Let that be known. So if you think you are pulling a fast one on me.
You're not.  Sometimes it is just easier to give in.
'nuff said.  You probably know who you are if you are reading this.
I am sick of it though.  Gotta tell ya.

Oh...I did get yelled at by a store this week.
Ya.  That was uncalled for.
We aren't going to let that happen again.
The moral of the story is you get more honey with sugar than vinegar.
So please don't yell at me.

Hey...since I am dishing stuff out right now (bare with me...this is my therapy at the moment)
I gotta tell you a funny story (cough cough)
so...before xmas a "friend" who lives close, emailed me asking if I had a tee for her childs upcoming b-day.  Um...well.  Let me think.  Probably.
So I said "yes" and I left it outside my front door all packaged up like I do for all "orders" and said friend apparently came one day and picked it up.
Ya.  So...ok...did I get a thank you?  Did I get a "how much do I owe you?" 
So I emailed a couple weeks later to make sure she got it.
Not even an 
"oops I am so sorry, what a turkey I am...I didn't even thank you for my free shirt that I ordered"
HA.  People never fail to let me down I tell you.

Moving on to happier things now.
Thank you for listening.  
I do know that 99.9% of the chicks I have dealt with are truly truly good people.
It is just funny when you see peoples true colors.
Hm.  Funny is probably not the correct term.

Anyways.  So last night I thought it would be fun to make a few doll tees.
I listed 9 of them.
They were gone in less that a minute.
I did learn that my website cannot handle that.
No worries...newer bigger things in the future and hopefully it will be able to handle that.
Here were some of the tees.
(if you missed them...I promise to make more)
I want the striped tee in my size...unfortunately it would only fit my havanese Roofus.

Yesterday was also school project day.
We had 3 to do.
(1)  hat
(1) teeth diorama
and these (for a book report)

You know what.  I am going to be honest.
For the first time...I did not help with the projects.
They did them all themselves.
If you do not know what the sock puppets are it is a mouse and a porcupine.
I figured I needed some valentine decor around here.
I also figured I would test my will power with an easy pour container full of m & m's.
I guarantee I will throw them out by sunday because lets face it...I am the one that will be eating them.
aaaaaand...I skipped my Christmas "peeps in a jar" decor.  I just wasn't feelin' it.
But I brought them back because I cannot resist sparkly vanilla heart peeps or ones that say I love u.
I mean I cannot resist shoving them them in a jar.  I can totally resist eating those.
Ew ew ew.  I hate marshmallows.
Yes that is a $4 table cloth from Target.  
Cheesy?  Ohh ya.  But isn't most Valentine's decor?
Think about it.

So, I am currently dyeing "something" that I can't tell you about yet.
But I had an AHA moment the other day along with a "why did I not think of that before" moment and with a little luck, I will have something to show you this weekend.

Oooo...I forgot to mention the rest of my "friend" story.
It's good.
But I have to first tell you that I got an email yesterday from Jeni and it was so sweet
and I just want to say thank you.  
I tell you...one nice email from a reader, customer, friend erases all the bad stuff before it.
It's true.
It's kinda like a quick compliment to anyone...and you just see them light up.

So just to let my "friend" know...the one that is now avoiding me.
Yes...we saw you pretend to be fishing for something in your purse at xmas time and literally
breeze right past us into a restaurant.
It was a scene right out of a seinfeld episode.
I thought it was pretty funny.

This was all over a $25 tee.

All I needed was a thank you.
Thank you's go a long way.


HipMomma said...

Yes they do and I tell my girls that all along. Sorrys too. Even if it was an accident, a sorry is so easy and makes it go away so much quicker. Sorry that had to happen to you.

tlafond said...

*Hugs*...This week has plain sucked. Sorry such a nice person has to deal with this. I do think it's true about karma though ;)...

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Ha! I hope she reads your blog and sees this post and comments. How can someone go about their day after doing something like that....

You rock!! And you make so many little girls and little boys and their proud parents so happy, it sucks that people feel they need to get over on you.
As a business owner myself I know that it's hard to swallow all of the negativity that comes with having a business.... but hopefully all of the good drowns out the bad. And know that those people will get what's coming to them in time.... :)

We HEART Paperlili tons!!!

Ursula Page said...

LOL! As a business owner myself, I totally know what you mean and their stupidness can be over something of almost no value. Last year I had three "friend" clients switch to a much cheaper photographer and from the moment I saw their pictures on someone else's blog, now matter how much I smiled they became completely awkward around me. Of course, they are no longer friends. It's really sad tooo...

Anonymous said...

Wow...what is wrong with people? And I mean this about everything...from the yelling at the store to the "so-called friend" to just plain ol' rude people. Man...well I think you seem pretty awesome, and people should be lucky to have great friends in their life.
Sorry, this week was so sucky...hopefully the weekend rocks!

Jeni Michele said...

thanks for the shout out girl! looks like it came at a good time :) i'm sorry someone was mean to you - not cool lady! i'll put a smile on your face (since we're on the subject of friends and business situations) as a photographer i know some people prefer different styles and i'm not the least bit offended, it's what makes the world go round right. well anyway long story short, i was my friends (former) photographer and as usual i went out of my way - no thanks of any form, oh wait not true: i receive a christmas card with a note that says "way to promote on facebook - i see you are doing 2 weddings" but wait here's the kicker, in the card was a pic of her kids, not done by me :) oh wait and there was a check for the cost of the pics she ordered, thank you! now did i make you smile, i did when i read it - i was like hello mcfly really? oh did i mention this is the first christmas card i ever got from her! keep your chin up girl i know it sucks, it just one of those things that make you go hmmmmmmm? you rock - keep on blingin' on!

Anonymous said...

fruit punch tulip has left a new comment on your post "Well now...this week could have gone smoother I th...":

AMEN Sister! It is fascinating to me how much I am willing to do just for 2 small words - THANK YOU! I am amazed that seemingly smart people don't get that. Instead they sneak around trying to hide from you after they clearly know that what they did was not OK. I used to think it must be nice to run around taking advantage of people and not lose any sleep over it. What I have come to learn is that it does bother these people (deep down) and they do it out of insecurity. They have to live with themselves and we can choose to cut them out of our circle. I applaud you for calling her out. She may think she took you for a t-shirt, but she lost something much more valuable - your friendship. Let that be a lesson for her! You have yourself a great day & feel awesome for not letting this woman think she got away with something.

melanie said...

i love your blog!

gina said...

i hope i'm part of the other 99.9%!! :) i'm in awe...
mostly all i do is give you props!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

WTF is wrong with people? Especially a "friend"? That is the worst! I'm sorry she did that, especially to you - you are the nicest person!

Seriously, Cristy, I'm sorry. Myself and my girls are some of the biggest paperlili fans and we love you! Hang in there, girl!

Anonymous said...

Lol. You will probably mysteriously get a check for the t! How embarassing for her!

I am mainly commenting about the school project. Love it! Tell her so cute! We just finished soil and rocks. I am so proud of mine when she does her own stuff. It is way cuter than what I would do for her anyway!

Kimd said...

Don't make me go Oklahoma on those mean people;)