Yay...January is Ovah:)

Yep.  Feb 1st.
Tuesday...which means I made it through both January & Monday.
And noone yelled at me yet this week:)
Why?  Because I didn't deserve it yet.
Actually.  I am happy happy because I ALMOST missed a little chicks birthday yesterday.
I don't like to miss birthdays.  
If you think something I make is special enough for your little wonders special special day...then I will do everything I can to make it happen.
I almost missed one yesterday.
But.  I didn't.  It got there:)
Don't for a second think that I do not appreciate just how important that day is.
Trust me.  Today on the way to school Ainsley was telling me who she was inviting to her birthday.
It is not until the end of March.
I know birthdays are THE big day of the year for basically anyone under 30:)
And the fact that some people base a party around one of my shirts.
That is a wow thing to me.
Serious wow.

So thank you.
All of you.

Now, yesterday I got good deliveries.
First...here is something new.
Jilly Bean Kids just opened.
Jen has some fun stuff!
Unique packaging and gifts...that's her thang:)
Me...I love straws.  We go through alot of straws in this house.
But check out the package.
I cannot believe how cute it is!  
I did not know you could even ship in packaging like this.
But let me tell you...it sure looked cute in my little mailbox:)

And even more cute.  Heart straws.
Ohhhh you KNOW they are big in our house.
Thank you Jen:)

Next...I had some new lovelies from Lilly Plum.
Valentine's lovelies.
The lilly plum bottlecap charms never get old I tell you.

and some Easter charms as well.
The charms work on either the bracelets or the necklaces.
Get the charms here:)
 Then...I got some new Rolf Bleu bracelets.
Peyton wears these ALL the time. Piling up her arms.
I just restocked the purple cupcake ones since those sold out super fast last time.
I see 6 of them sold last night already.  Everyone loves cupcakes.
Same with the turquoise dance bracelet.
But now I have some Valentines ones as well.

This is a terrible photo.  Sorry.
The pinks are actually pretty bright pink.
Get them here.

I did also get a fun package from my favorite upcycler:)
Peyton wore it to school today.
I meant to take a photo before school...but we were putting in her contacts.
Party time.
She wanted contacts a couple months ago. So we got them.
Then she realized what it took to get them IN her eyes.
So she didn't want them.
I told her this weekend that we would be wearing them (they are daily contacts)
until we are all out. I think we have a 2 month supply.
I explained to her that they were indeed not free...cough cough.
And  after we are done with them...she can wear her glasses for the rest of her life.
I truly don't care.  It was originally her idea, however I have to admit...it is nice to be able to see her whole face without her glasses slipping down her nose.

We wore them Sat.  
Good times.
She had Volleyball.  Her big concern was that she has raccoon eyes from her tan.
And she did. 
Big white circles.  I convinced her noone would notice.
We went to her volleyball game and I kid you not...her coach called her out on her white eyes IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  I wanted to throttle him. 
Sigh.  I figured everyone knew that you don't single out a 10 year old girl in front of 60 people.
60 people who were now looking at her white circles.
I have NO idea how she held it together and did not cry.
I wanted to for her.

So she went back to not liking them.
 I told her that was not the deal.
We spent the weekend playing volleyball at the park and tanning our circles.
Monday she wore them.   To school.
I think it must have gone well because she sparkled when she came out of class.
So now we are fans of our contacts.

You know...these pictures are only about 5 months apart but there is a change in her.
My "baby" is growing up:(
It's ok.  She is the funniest person I know.
Like stand up comedian funny.  It is bizarre.  
My aunt was visiting and she said, "I always wondered what it would be like to know a Jim Carrey sorta person"...uh...that is Peyton when she is on a roll...which is basically every night.
She has me laughing...hard...all the time.
So I am ok with her getting older because I love her.

I will get a picture of our CourtneyCourtney creation this afternoon.
It needs to be seen:)


lulusmomma said...

It can be so bittersweet to watch them grow :) My oldest turned 13 in December and I just find myself staring at him wondering where his baby chub went and did I properly savor that last moment of it? *sigh* Sorry...I'm weepy this week, I'm turning 40 on Saturday and apparently not handling it well LOL Thanks for sharing the cuteness, I am off to order some for me and my Lu...a definate pick me up!

These Are The Days said...

Thanks doll for the swift order...and I coulda swore you threw in an extra pair of pants. ;)
Thanks!! You're the best, I'll give you a shout out on my blog when I post pics. Hope to meet you some day.

Jessica Washburn

Jillybeankids said...

Thank you thank you, for the feature post yesterday. I got so much new traffic...you are like a mini oprah! Ha ha! Seriously though you rock! Glad you liked the straws and packaging...I wrote about the envelope/bag on my blog
Wouldn't that be a great way to send out Wedding invites or even Christmas cards! I checked the rates and it was only 1.27 per bag to ship...and you wouldn't have to have those ugly labels on the front....yours did just cuz I insured it. Anyway, thanks again and Have a Happy Heart Today!
Xoxo Jen. Jillybeankids.com

Lisa said...

I have a 9 and a half year old and she is so darn petite all of the cute funky glasses slip down her nose. She is forever wiggling her nose to get them back up! We asked about contacts and the Dr said not for a few more years....What?! Now that I have read your post I am going to go back with a purpose. She plays soccer and it never fails she gets slammed in the face with the ball and gets bruises from the glasses!

I just found you site thanks to NieNie and have to tell you, love your stuff!