This could be another one of those all over the map posts:)

Sunday night.
Today...we saw snow. 
It was cold last night.  
And an hour north of our house...snow snow wet snow.
This was the first time Ainsley has seen snow.
She is almost 8...ha!
I grew up in Calgary.
There was alot of snow.
I don't miss it. 
I was not a great skiier.
Nor ice skater.
So um...ya...me no likey.
But today was pretty.
And well...I think she wreaked her uggs:(

Anyways...tonight is the Oscar's.
Color me dissapointed...but I am not loving the dresses this year.
My best dressed list is going to go to:
Gwyneth Paltrow
and Mila Kunis

That's it. 
I did not love any other dresses. 
What's up with that?

What else is new?
Oh...my poor Peyton had her heart broken tonight.
She wants a pet hedgehog.
I was thinking it would be a fun birthday present for her in July.
Apparently not if we are still living in Arizona because they are illegal here.

But hey...since life is still totally up in the air for us...who knows where we will be come July.
Hopefully not in snow.

So a fabulous thing is happening starting tomorrow.
The fabulous Denise is having a fabulous auction for a fabulous woman....who could be any of us.
And there are some truly truly wonderful items up for auction.
And somewhere in there is a little sumpin' sumpin' from me.
A house of Clouds scarf...and it can be yours if you bid here.
I wanted to say thank you to all of you that have emailed me with your thoughts 
and kind words on our situation right now.  
I really appreciate it.  
It's just really lovely actually.
The truth is that this is just a bump in the road.
Sure it is a sucky bump...but it is just a bump. 
Eventually it will be a blip on the radar.
Everyone has issues.  Everyone.
I am facing this one positively.
We are healthy (with the exception of my shoulder/arm/whatever that is still aching).
But everyone else is healthy.
So really.  A job is a job and another will come along.
But for those of you that have sent positive thoughts.
I thank you.
You always find out who your true friends are when you need them.
Even if it is just a kind word.
My heart aches for Valerie and her children.
For little Kate Mcrae and her family...
and for my friend Lisa, who's 12 year old son, who was perfectly healthy before Christmas 
 ...may now need a heart transplant.
Those people...they need love and prayers and well wishes.
Us.  We just need a job.

Alright.  This week I plan on having lots of fun new stuff.
So.  Make sure you are a fan of my paper lili facebook page because well...I usually post new stuff there first.  Sorry.  But I do.  Why?  Because it is super easy. 
Then it makes it over here.
THEN it makes it to my site.
And THEN I forget to list it in my etsy shop.
However...I have a little plan and it will include my etsy shop soon since it will be very limited items.
Like one of a kind items.  But I will make it fair for everyone and let you know when they will go live.
So don't get upset with me:)
Here is my facebook page if you "like" me.


Lisa S. said...

Love all your posts. Sending good vibes to you and your family. :)

Lil said...

I didn't see yours. which one. U know I love ya!!!!!

Melissa & Spencer said...

I too love your posts. Hang in there!!! We love you!!!!

~Melissa & Spencer

Anonymous said...

A lovely post - thanks for reminding us what really matters!

Anonymous said...

~*~*~*~* sending lots of prayers to your family and friends in need~*~*~*~*


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You know I "like" you :)

Big hugs, Cristy.

Mila Kunis had the only dress I really loved. Cate Blanchette's was cool too, but not amazing. I finally found the flowery nail things and put them on tonight. Thought of you!